Why Waiters and Waitresses are Superhumans

Servers, we applaud you.

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Day in and day out, you race between tightly packed tables carrying an ungodly number of hot plates and listing off daily specials with a smile, all for customers that more often than not interrupt you with a terse “Can we get waters all around?” before you can finish greeting them.

You open early, close late, polish silverware until it sparkles, and are absolute pros at hiding uniform stains at a moments notice. You sing Happy Birthday to strangers with the enthusiasm most reserve for the best of friends, memorize food modifications for parties of 20, and allow us to enjoy a nice evening out whenever we want. Servers are superheroes, and today, we celebrate you.

In honor of National Waiters and Waitresses Day, here are some front-of-house moments only servers will understand…

1. Not having to go to the gym because you’re basically running 5k every day.


2. Pre-shifting like a boss.


3. Tips (obviously).


4. When one great table makes your night.


5. The special bonds you form with co-workers, because you’re essentially fighting a tiny war together every shift.


6. When you’re closing and reeaally don’t want to make a second trip


7. Memorizing every. Single. Item. And food mod.


8. When the dining room is on point.


9. Did we mention tips?


10. When the dinner rush finally ends and you can be yourself.


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Kylie Anderson is an L.A.-based writer who covered employment trends for the ZipRecruiter blog.

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