Your Favorite Summer Job Moments

This summer, Sasha Obama made national news for working a summer job as a cashier at Martha’s Vineyard. While your summer gig may not be quite as newsworthy, working a job over the summer can still be awesome for a lot of other reasons. Here are some of our favorites:

You’ll probably end up having at least a little bit of fun

It’s an awesome bonding experience

You can explore your creative side

You’ll definitely gain some experience, and it might even lead to a full-time career

A lot of summer jobs give you the opportunity to get up close with some pretty incredible nature…

…and explore the world’s wonders

…and nature’s terrors

Beekeeping and making honey.

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You can help kids make memories that’ll last a lifetime

Obviously you’ll be earning some sweet summer bucks, but it’ll also be rewarding! And probably fun!

Aaand you’ll probably have some pretty great stories to tell at the end of it all

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