The Top 10 Jobs in The Growing Fintech Industry

Most Americans have not yet heard of fintech (that is, the financial technology industry churning out innovative new high-technology products and services that aim to compete with traditional financial services). But investment in fintech is growing rapidly, and with it, job opportunities. The number of fintech jobs in ZipRecruiter’s employment marketplace has doubled each year since 2016. 

The largest segment of the fintech market is digital payments, but personal finance and alternative lending products are also making inroads. Many fintech startups promise to cater to communities that have traditionally been underserved by traditional banks, such as gig workers or hourly workers living paycheck to paycheck or immigrants without U.S. credit histories. Others promise to improve the convenience of splitting restaurant bills or applying for small business loans. So working in the industry can be exciting and fulfilling for people who want to change the way things are done and make people’s lives easier. 

While the vast majority of fintech jobs are for software engineers, fintech companies are looking to fill a range of other roles as well. Here are the top ten positions fintech firms were looking to fill in 2019, and the average salaries associated with them. Click on the links for more information about salary distributions across the country. 

Top 10 Fintech Job Titles and Average Salaries*

  1. Software engineer/developer ($86,043/year)
  2. Product manager ($94,144/year)
  3. Customer service representative ($35,510/year)
  4. Data scientist ($118,327/year)
  5. Account executive ($55,834/year)
  6. Email marketing specialist ($52,927/year)
  7. Business analyst ($82,072/year)
  8. Salesforce administrator ($88,344/year)
  9. Database administrator ($86,818/year)
  10. Art director ($76,758/year)

*Salary estimates (ZipEstimate) are not verified by employers; actual compensation can vary considerably. To learn more about Compensation Estimates, please see our FAQ

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