Top 10 Temporary Holiday Season Jobs This Year

If you would like a temporary job this holiday season, you’re not too late. Retailers, warehouses, and delivery companies are scrambling to hire an extra 750,000 workers for the holiday shopping season, according to a ZipRecruiter analysis of seasonally unadjusted employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And tax preparation companies are looking to hire several thousand more to help close out companies’ books before the end of the year. 

Retailers like Target and Kohls are on pace to hire 450,000 seasonal store associates, shelf stockers, customer service agents, and cashiers. Delivery companies like UPS and FedEx are on pace to hire 250,000 extra drivers, package handlers, and material movers. Warehousing companies like DHL and XPO will hire about another 50,000 order pickers, packagers, and truck loaders. 

Those seasonal opportunities will be spread across a range of different areas. Retail opportunities will be concentrated in major cities and suburbs, while warehousing jobs will be concentrated in lower-cost areas near transit hubs. More rural areas that are popular holiday destinations, like areas surrounding ski resorts, will also provide a range of opportunities both on and off the slopes. With the influx of tourists, local restaurants, hotels, and even clinics will need extra staff. 

Lastly, it is worth exploring some of the more festive jobs that only exist during the holiday season. We’ve seen 4,400 jobs posted in the ZipRecruiter marketplace for Santa Claus actors so far, and almost 400 for Santa photographer assistants; 2,500 for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas party staff; 1,600 for elves and other Christmas parade characters; 1,200 for gift wrappers; 900 for Christmas tree lot staff; and 400 for Christmas light installers. 

Most holiday jobs pay $10-$15 per hour and offer part-time hours. But many offer overtime hours and perks like store discounts, and some can be highly lucrative. Santa Claus actors who sign contracts with major malls and photography companies, for example, can earn $20,000 per holiday season, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

With that, let us share a list of the top ten temporary jobs in the ZipRecruiter jobs marketplace this holiday season, based on the number of postings open as of today. 

Top 10 Seasonal Jobs

  1. Tax Manager/Professional
  2. Customer Service Representative
  3. Store Manager
  4. Retail Sales Associate/Representative
  5. Auditor 
  6. Warehouse Worker
  7. Retail Merchandiser
  8. Driver
  9. Shift Manager
  10. Marketing Assistant

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