Average Job Applicants Based on Job Title

Need More Applicants? Change Your Job Title

Customer Service is a hot area for job postings on ZipRecruiter.com, but applicant response rates vary greatly among postings.

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Take, for example, the two most popular customer service job titles: Customer Service Representative and Customer Service Specialist. Customer Service Representative averages 63.1 applicants per job posting, whereas Customer Service Specialist averages just 11.9.

Average Number of Job Applicants Based on Job Title

Notice that even changing Representative to Rep drops the average by nearly job 20 applicants. What seems like harmless (or hip) shorthand can make a big difference.

If you’re uncertain when picking a job title, try thinking like a job seeker. What would you search for if you were looking for a similar job?

Next, do a little A/B testing. Post your job with one title for one week and re-post it with a different title the next week. You can even jump on the funky job title bandwagon and see how many “Sales Ninjas” or “Marketing Rockstars” apply.

Remember, we don’t charge you for editing and re-posting jobs, so sign in and give it a try!

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