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How to Write Employment Verification Letters (With Samples)

When you think about big, exciting life changes, chances are you’re thinking of things other than paperwork. But many of them come with requirements, such as the request to submit an employment verification letter. If you’ve been asked to do so, you might be wondering how to go about requesting one.

An employment verification letter might be required for you to rent or buy a house, purchase insurance, apply for a loan, or secure utilities for your home. It can also be requested for hiring purposes to verify dates of employment on your resume or job application as part of the background check process. 

What Is an Employment Verification Letter? 

Employers provide employment verification letters to confirm that an employee currently or formerly worked for the company. Proof of employment letter requests can come directly from employees themselves or from the organizations needing to verify employment, such as financial institutions, landlords, government agencies, utility companies, and prospective employers.

When a verification letter of employment request comes in, it might ask for any of the following:

  • Employee title
  • Dates of employment
  • Salary

How Can You Request an Employment Verification Letter?

Organizations typically have a process for employment verification letter requests. You can begin with your human resources department or ask your supervisor; either one should be able to ensure proper company protocol is followed. 

Many employers also have a policy regarding the release of employment information to ensure the protection of sensitive employment data. Without a formal written request from the employee granting permission for the release of information, the most employers will generally provide is confirmation that an employee was or is employed, and the dates of employment. Therefore, make sure you’re clear on the process and follow it so you can receive the information you need as quickly as possible. 

Employment Verification Letter Samples

An employment verification letter can be submitted electronically as an attachment to an email, faxed, mailed as a hard copy letter, or included in the body of an email. 

Below are some verification of employment letter samples showing you the language you might expect to obtain from a current or former employer.

Employment Verification Letter Template


Job Title

Company Name

City, State Zip Code


Name of Person Requesting Letter

Job Title

Company Name

ABC Company
City, State Zip Code

Dear Mrs./Mr. [last name],

This letter is to verify that [employee name] has been employed at [company name] since [date of employment]. 

If you need additional information regarding [employee name], please contact me at [your contact information]. 


[handwritten signature]

[your printed name]

Employment Verification Letter Example – Former Employee

Holly Smithson

HR Manager

ABC Employment

555 Boxton St.
Grafton, WV 26354

April 2, 2022

Jeffrey Cox

Staffing Manager

Employment for Hire
888 Hover Dr.
Morgantown, WV 12345

Dear Mr. Cox,

This letter is to verify that Samantha Jones was employed with ABC Employment from January 5, 2018, through March 10, 2022 as a Graphic Designer.  

If you require additional information regarding Ms. Jones, please contact me at 555.623.3333. 


[handwritten signature]

Holly Smithson

Employment Verification Letter Example – Current Employee

Bethany Jones

Staffing Director

Best in Engineering

123 Church St.
Minneapolis, MN 123455

April 10, 2022

Jamie Harolds

Loan Officer

Go To Mortgage
22 Idaho Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 12345

Dear Ms. Harolds,

This letter is to verify that Johnny Williamson has been employed at Best in Engineering since May 9, 2015. He currently works in our finance department as a financial advisor.

If you need additional information regarding Mr. Williamson, please contact me at 555.523.1234 or 


[handwritten signature]

Bethany Jones

Employment Verification Letter – Email Body

Email Subject: Employment Verification – Abigail Stills

Dear Mrs. Wallace,

This letter is to verify that Abigail Stills has been employed at Wonderland Clothing since February 5, 2021.  

If you need additional information regarding Ms. Stills, please contact me. My contact information is provided below. 


Fiona Cars

Be Timely in Your Request

On a final note, employment verification requests typically require a relatively quick response, especially when they fulfill a requirement for issuing a loan. When you make such a request, it’s important to do so as soon as you’ve been advised that you need employment verification and advise your former or current employer of your deadline.

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