How Using ZipRecruiter Makes Your Job Search So Much Easier

Is finding a new job one of your goals for 2023? Turning that resolution into a reality is easier than ever. Simply start the search for your dream job with ZipRecruiter. 

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Now that the hectic holiday season is over, you might have a free moment to think about your goals for the new year. There’s no better time to kick back and ask yourself the big questions. What should I be doing for a living? What does a happy, fulfilled work situation look like for me in 2023 and beyond? 

Those are tough questions. But while it can feel overwhelming to chart a new career course or pivot within your own industry, the right tools can make it so much less daunting and bring better results. Further simplifying matters is the fact that you can get all those job-seeking tools in the same place: ZipRecruiter. Founded to make meaningful connections between job seekers and employers, ZipRecruiter has a suite of features to clear up the path between you and your dream job.

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Whether you use the website or the app, ZipRecruiter welcomes you with a virtual personal recruiter to help guide you to the perfect role, whatever that may be. You might be looking for something right away or maybe you don’t have a specific timeline in mind. It doesn’t matter one bit. You can customize your search in the way that works for you. Powered by AI-driven smart-matching technology, ZipRecruiter actively connects millions of all-sized businesses and job seekers, and the company has partnerships with the best job boards on the web.

ZipRecruiter can also help you find listings that are tailored to fit your own lifestyle preferences: Full-time or part-time jobs, in-person positions, hybrid offerings, or fully-remote opportunities. Whichever specific mix of requirements you need to have a healthy work/life balance, you’ll be able to easily pinpoint the right listings to help make that happen. 

Then again, not everyone is ready to make those choices. If you’re in a rut and not sure what kind of job you’d like to go after, ZipRecruiter can jumpstart your brainstorming process. Even if you don’t have a specific job title in mind, the company can help you figure out which current listings mesh well with your specific skill-set. There are plenty of career opportunities out there that may never even have crossed your mind, and ZipRecruiter can help point you in a fresh and more fulfilling direction.


It’s easy to build momentum once you get started, too. After you’ve uploaded your resume, you can apply for jobs with a single click of a mouse or a tap on the app. You can also expand your profile with details about your education, certificates and licenses, and associations to which you have memberships. You also can add your skills to refine the search, whether that’s project management experience, social media expertise, or the fact that you are detail-oriented or fluent in Excel, Python, or Italian. Can’t find something in the preassigned list? You can add your own skills to help perfect the search.

And let’s be honest here: A higher salary is often a primary goal when you’re looking for a new job, and ZipRecruiter helps make that more transparent, too. They rely on real salary data from more than 17.5 million jobs that are posted monthly on ZipRecruiter, so you don’t get deep into interviews only to discover that the salary for a seemingly perfect job won’t cover your monthly bills.

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Once you’re ready to focus on yourself and your future, ZipRecruiter can help you land your 2023 dream job. Everyone else has long since unwrapped their holiday gifts. Now it’s time to give yourself an important gift: a new career that makes you happier, more fulfilled and puts more money in the bank. 

Get started on your job search today with the help of Phil, your personal recruiter, at ZipRecruiter.

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