How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page For Hiring

LinkedIn is a great resource for job seekers and a great opportunity for employers. While the savvy job seeker knows they can use LinkedIn to network, establish their expertise in an industry and search for jobs, many employers forget to take advantage of the opportunities to connect with professionals, promote job openings, establish expertise as an industry leader and enhance company brand.

Recruiters can’t emphasize it enough – job seekers need to be on LinkedIn. At the same time, many of those recruiters work for employers who don’t have a company career page. More importantly, they are missing out on a great and inexpensive way to promote job openings and reach both passive and active job seekers.

“Given LinkedIn’s more than 200 million members, a company page on the popular professional networking site can provide a valuable venue for recruiting talent and promoting your products and services,” wrote author Kim Lachance Shandrow in an article on, titled 10 questions to ask when creating your LinkedIn company page.

There are challenges to starting, developing and maintaining a LinkedIn company page that prevent many small businesses from ever getting off the ground. There needs to be time to put into developing what the recruiting goals of the company page are and like a company Facebook or Twitter account/page, there needs to be a dedicated point person managing the page. Like a stale and dated individual LinkedIn profile, a stale and dated LinkedIn company career section can do more harm than benefit.

In a Hubspot article titled 11 Reasons Your LinkedIn Company Page Sucks, author Pamela Vaughn wrote: “It’s very difficult to find many examples of companies using LinkedIn Company Pages to their fullest potential. This a huge missed opportunity for businesses, especially given that because many businesses aren’t leveraging features likes company updates, the clutter on LinkedIn is significantly less dense than on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. This means that a business that takes advantage of company updates and other page features can leverage a great opportunity to stand out from its competitors.”

Among the reasons companies are not using LinkedIn company pages to their advantage, according to HubSpot, is that companies are not leveraging the careers tab to promote job opportunities or to direct them to your website to apply for jobs.  So how can a company create a robust and engaging LinkedIn company page that does a good job of promoting job opportunities as well as company products and services? It starts with planning. Here are five steps to consider before creating a company page:

1. Plan and develop goals of page: What do you want to gain within the careers aspect of your LinkedIn career page? Take the time to implement a strategy. It will pay off in the long run.

2. Develop a point person: This is where many company’s get hung up. They don’t have the resources to have one person own the page. If one person isn’t available, consider a team of two or three or hire a social media intern. There are also options of hiring an outside company to handle this type of need.

3. Review the best: What are other company’s doing that works? The Internet is filled with copycats. Do what works for others, but put your own spin on the page. Wondering what a good a good LinkedIn company page looks like? These companies were named to the 10 Best LinkedIn Company pages of 2013: Adobe, AppleOne, Commonwealth Bank, Dell, Four Seasons, HubSpot, Kellogg, Marketplace Home Mortgage, Mashable and NPR. Check out their career sections specifically and see what can work for you.

4. Develop, tweak and tweak again: You might not get it right the first time. Or even the second time. But by updating your page, measuring analytics, getting to know the functions and tools available, that will help grow and improve the page. Look at the long term and improve over time.

5. Engage: LinkedIn isn’t Facebook or Twitter, so you don’t need to post pictures of your quarterly company lunch. Then again, find ways to connect with followers through engaging content, posting company updates, news about employees or industry-related topics, with your company spin on such topics.  This will show what the company culture is like and help those from the outside learn what it’s like inside the company.

Post links to blogs, press releases, articles where company leaders are mentioned. Promote your jobs and any openings, campus recruiting events, or any network or industry events where company members will be. Connect with readers who are customers, clients and current or future employers. Speaking of engaging, encourage all employers to promote the company career page and all things related to the company career page anytime they can – even during work hours. Tell them to share job openings. Use employees to help promote your company and job openings. Happy employees with your company are often the best recruiters for your company.

What other methods work? According to LinkedIn, these are three ways you can amp up your own LinkedIn company page. The better page you have, the wider audience you can gain, increasing those who can check out your career opportunities:

  1. Add a great hero image to showcase what your company is about and welcome people to your page.
  2. Post company updates to start a conversation with your audience.
  3. Share rich, visual content to capture your audience’s attention and engage them with images, video and more.

According to CallidusCloud, a market leader in sales and marketing cloud software, these tips can help a company develop – and maintain – a strong LinkedIn company career page:

  • Post updates on a consistent basis. LinkedIn shows how old the content is. Keep your page fresh.
  • Post at least 20 status updates a month says LinkedIn. Best in class marketers even post as many as 3-4 updates a day. At the end of the day, post as many as your content can support.
  • Post updates from Monday to Friday, morning to midday. These are LinkedIn’s busiest hours.
  • Target your posts by company size, industry, function etc. Phillips saw a 106% increase in engagement by targeting.

To get started, consider the HootSuite LinkedIn career page construction checklist :

  • Update your profile image and info often to keep it current and fresh.
  • Tell your brand story in a compelling biography.
  • Spotlight employees, customers and products.
  • Feature your products and services to catch the eye of your target audience.
  • Add SEO indexing to ensure maximum brand exposure when searched.
  • Be creative.

“Don’t overlook the power of LinkedIn Company pages,” said digital strategist Nate Kievman in an article on titled Reasons Why You Should Make Your “Company Page” on LinkedIn. “They are a great tool to enhance your company’s presence and image online.”

And they are a great way to attract job seekers you might not normally connect with.

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