From Recruiting to Rebooting: 5 things to do when you’re not hiring

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According to the Brookings Institute, a COVID-19 recession will hit some metropolitan areas harder than others. So, while some states are in the early stages of reopening, hiring is at a standstill for most companies. And if you happen to be hiring, it’s hardly “business as usual.” 

What happens if you’re not presently hiring? Here’s the silver lining for recruiters: you now have ample opportunity to give your hiring process an overhaul. And if you need some guidance on a game plan, our From Recruiting to Rebooting e-book is packed with valuable tips. 

Start by doing these things:

  • Set goals for when hiring picks up again and make sure your priorities align with these goals.
  • Go through each step of the hiring process to find areas where you need improvement so you can refine them.  
  • Sharpen your skills and enhance your expertise through online courses, webinars, and more. 

Those are just a few ways you can start recharging your hiring process. Learn about all 5 things you can do with our From Recruiting to Rebooting e-book.

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