5 Signs It Might Be Time To Hire

How do employers know when it’s time to hire? These 5 signs are a sure indicator it’s time to add staff:

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1. Excessive Overtime and/or Sick Calls

You have a budget – and are doing your best to stick to it. But don’t do so at the risk of burning out your current staff. If top employers are logging an excessive amount of hours, are suddenly calling in sick more frequently than usual, showing up late, or coming up with excuses that seem out of character to miss work, they could be burnt out and overworked.

Remember: You’re not successful if your employees aren’t succeeding. Don’t overwork them.

2. Technology/Skills Gap

Could your company be more efficient if it added a certain skill set to the team? For example, did you recently implement a new web site management system like Adobe Experience Manager, but realize you don’t have the programmers or developers in place to maximize the potential of the system? Then you need to hire the right people to maximize and lead your IT programs. Technology is great, but only if people in the company have the ability to implement, train and use it its fullest potential.

Remember: It may cost more upfront to invest in technology, but if you don’t invest in the right people to manage that technology, you could end up paying external vendors or consultant’s outrage fees to have them run your IT programs.

3. You’ve Landed a Big Contract

Kudos to your sales staff! They sealed the deal with that highly-sought client. This is going to generate a lot of revenue for the company. But it’s going to be demanding…so…do you have the staff in place to manage this new opportunity? Who will handle the additional workload if your current team is already strapped?

Remember: If you hire on a contract or temporary basis through a staffing firm you’re not locked into a permanent hire. This allows you to evaluate over the first 6 months and determine if the temporary or contract staff is meeting your needs…or if you should consider hiring permanent staff.

4. You’re Turning Away Work

Wouldn’t that be great…if you were so busy you had to say no? No business wants to turn away work, but if you are taking on so much work that any of the three tips above hold true at your company, now is the time to add new staff.

Remember: If you are spending more time working on the business than growing the business, then that’s a definite sign you need to hire.

5. You’re Launching a New Product

Are you about to launch a new product, perhaps one that is going to help your business emerge in a new market or an industry leader? Who are the experts in the company who are leading the launch? How and who on your current staff can or will handle the workload if it takes off like you hope? Do you have a product team in place, or is it pieced together?

Remember: Adding new business adds work to an already busy staff. You may need to add staff to help everyone keep up with changes. Don’t look at hiring as a burden. Look at it as an opportunity to grow.  

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