4 Quick Tips for Writing Job Descriptions

ZipRecruiter Tips for Writing Job Descriptions

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A few of us at ZipRecruiter recently answered the question, “What is your #1 tip for job applications?” Today we’re going to offer job posting advice to the other side.

Question: What is your #1 tip for writing job descriptions?


“The more clarity, description, and context (how your job fits into the general company) that you can put into your job description, the better candidate matches you will get,” Ingrid de Beus, Exceptional Customer Service


“Give some idea about the company culture. Let the job seeker know what a great place they may be signing up with. It’s the one area of the job description that is most often forgotten. When you are out vying for the best talent, a job ad that lets the job seeker know that real human beings work there will help,” Doug Kamin, Exceptional Customer Service


“Pick your job posting title with care, then test it. We recently looked at the difference between saying ‘customer service rep’ and ‘customer service representative’ in your title. On average, ‘rep’ received 15 fewer job applicants than ‘representative.’ The shorthand seems harmless, but if it’s not what applicants are searching for, then it’s not what applicants are going to find in their results,” Rachel Dotson, Content & Community


“Proofread your job posting before sending it to 40+ job boards!” Heidi Mason, Exceptional Customer Service

Your turn: What’s your top tip for writing effective job descriptions?

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Rachel Dotson is a former digital marketing manager and former blog contributor at ZipRecruiter. She is based in Venice, California.

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