ZipRecruiter Sponsoring HCI’s Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference 2015

For this year’s HCI Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference, ZipRecruiter is taking on a new role, that of sponsor. I recently sat down with Jason Blais, our Head of Corporate Sales, to find out more.

Sierra: Why has ZipRecruiter decided to sponsor HCI’s Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference for the first time?

Jason: As an organization, we’ve seen remarkable growth over the past few years, to the point where this year, we’ve had more jobs posted directly through our platform than nearly all of the most recognized traditional job posting destinations. With tens of thousands of active employers posting hundreds of thousands of jobs each month, we have truly proven our value in the industry.

Since our launch in 2010, we’ve always focused on optimizing our performance and functionality for our users, and our primary messaging has been to the direct recruiters and hiring managers that work with our platform.   With our growing track record of winning on ROI, we’re now excited to work with organizations like HCI to communicate our message to senior level decision makers in the talent space.

Sierra: And what makes HCI such a good partner?

Jason: HCI is the perfect organization for ZipRecruiter to align with because they are dedicated to searching for cutting-edge talent solutions, and providing open-source best practices in the talent community. Similar to ZipRecruiter, HCI helps companies gather data and insights to help optimize their talent processes, and we’re very proud to be a Platinum Underwriter of this event.

Sierra: Will ZipRecruiter have a booth at the event?

Jason: This year we opted for a sponsorship that includes a hosted webcast through HCI. We felt this was the best way for us to communicate with HCI members, and provide more in depth discussion of what makes ZR unique.

However, we will have three staff on site to network with attendees and to participate in the sessions, so we can stay up to date on the challenges and opportunities facing talent acquisition professionals today. This is truly a great learning experience for us as a relatively newer provider in the space.

Sierra: What has made ZipRecruiter so successful?

Jason: I think there are a few keys to our success: dedication to client success, ongoing product development, and marketing strategy all play a role. But ultimately, I believe our success boils down to our unique view of this industry, highly focused on leveraging proven digital advertising solutions along with predictive analytics, with continual optimization to drive measurable and consistent success for our customers. Throughout our organization we are passionate about becoming the best destination for employers to fill a job.

More specifically, we have a range of solutions that are scalable and customizable to the needs of our clients. Whether we’re working with a startup business with low volume niche hiring needs, or with an enterprise client sourcing candidates for thousands of open requisitions monthly, our solutions are focused on delivering quality candidates at scale.

Sierra: You mentioned wanting to communicate the ZipRecruiter message to high level decision makers- what is that message?

Jason: Great question. We were founded in 2010 by four leaders in product and software development, who were instrumental in the growth of their previous ventures. From their experience in the hiring for growth, they believed there must be a better way to find, engage, attract, screen, and hire employees. ZipRecruiter was built on the premise that recruitment can be made easier, faster, and cheaper than had been previously available. And 5 years later, our success and growth reinforces that we’ve achieved that goal.

Sierra: What do you think leads to the great client experience ZipRecruiter has enjoyed?

Ingrained in our corporate culture is the belief in Simplicity, Delight, Satisfaction, and Integrity. We want to offer a simple to use service, that delights our clients through their experience, and success in their recruitment process.   And it’s more than just words on a mission. TrustPilot, a third party review site, illustrates the dedication to that mission with a 9 out of 10 rating from nearly 500 authentic reviews.

The 2015 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference takes place from June 22-24, 2015 at the Boston Seaport. 

Jason Blais is Head of Corporate Sales. Previous to joining ZipRecruiter in 2013, he worked for a decade in the industry for JobsInTheUS, First Advantage Recruiting Solutions, and Bernard Hodes Group; and has been facilitating the Employer Branding Strategy Best Practices Exchange Group on LinkedIn since 2009.

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