ZipRecruiter Partners with Google on New Search Feature

ZipRecruiter was founded with one mission: to make it faster and easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to find and hire great candidates.

We’re delivering on that promise with industry-leading innovations in job matching technology, ever-increasing reach for job ads posted to ZipRecruiter, and a focus on simplifying the process for employers and job seekers alike.

Now, we’re happy to announce that we are partnering with Google on a new feature in Search that helps connect more job seekers with available opportunities. This partnership combines our broad reach and matching technology with the power of the world’s top search engine.

Exciting stuff! But what is this new feature in Search, and how will our participation in this initiative help employers find their next great hire?

Simply put, Google wants to make finding a job faster and easier than ever (sound familiar?) by sending people to open jobs that are directly posted on sites like ZipRecruiter, rather than to third-party job ad aggregators.

What that means for employers is that jobs posted to ZipRecruiter have the potential to bring in more qualified candidates quickly:

  • Increased visibility to your jobs: ZipRecruiter now feeds your jobs directly into the Google jobs index. This means millions of job seekers will have an easier time finding your jobs when they start a search on Google.


  • Better candidates: Google is the single largest starting point for candidates beginning their job search. That means your jobs will be shown to the largest possible pool of job seekers who haven’t already bounced through multiple job boards.

The best news is that this program is already underway, with more than one million ZipRecruiter jobs posted directly to Google’s Search Index. That means that some customers may already be seeing Google traffic to their jobs, with more to come as the program fully ramps up.

If you have any questions about how to get your jobs ready for inclusion in this new feature, please reach out to your account manager or sales rep, who will be happy to help.

Once again, we’re happy to be partnering with Google on this innovative initiative. We’ll continue to keep you updated on new developments here at ZipRecruiter, as this is just one of many exciting announcements we have lined up for this year.

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