ZipRecruiter Holiday Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift for the job seeker in your life

‘Tis the end of December, when most work is done.

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The time families gather, to share and have fun.


One holiday tradition ’round this time of year,

Is exchanging gifts to spread holiday cheer.


Others planned ahead, buying gifts in advance.

You wanted to shop, but then had no chance.


Last year you swore, you wouldn’t wait ’til last minute.

Now you’re making excuses, which is not in the spirit!


But there’s no need to cry, there’s no need for tissues.

No need to place blame on supply chain issues.


ZipRecruiter’s here, so let go of your strife. 

We’ve got ideas for job seekers in your life.


Desktop Punching Bag

Help your job seeker stay in shape with a desktop punching bag to use while waiting on hold for a job screening, answering “tell me about yourself” in an interview for the 4th time in a day, or psyching themselves up before a salary negotiation. (Yes, they should always negotiate a job offer.)

A Referral

Teach someone to fish and they’ll eat for a day. Refer someone for a job and they’ll eat office snacks for life. Referring someone for a job is a way to help them get their foot in the door, plus many companies offer referral bonuses to employees who recruit talent. So this holiday season, refer a friend to your company and get paid in gratitude (and cash).

A Personal Recruiter

Personal recruiters make the job search easier—reviewing  a job seeker’s experience, matching them with  the best jobs, and proactively presenting to employers. Have your job seeker sign up for a ZipRecruiter account and they’ll get Phil, our AI personal recruiter, in their corner for life.

Ring Light

They’re not just for Instagram influencers anymore! Ring lights can be bought for as little as $20, and add some shine to your job seeker’s Zoom meetings. They only have one chance to make a good impression. A ring light can help them wow employers from the start.

Laptop Screen Cover

Whether they work out of coffee shops, have nosy roommates, or are applying to jobs at their current place of work (shhhh, we won’t tell), a laptop screen cover can make sure no one else will see that perfectly-written cover letter.

Get Hired Now!

ZipRecruiter co-founder and CEO, Ian Siegel, wrote a Wall Street Journal bestseller filled with tips on how to get hired in the new labor market. From how to structure your resume to salary negotiation tips, Ian’s book walks job seekers through the entire process.

Desk Plant

It’s important to stop and smell the roses but on a busy day of job applications and interview prep, there may not be time to get up and take a walk. Bring nature to them with a plant to place on their desk. (And don’t forget to send them a recurring invite to water it!)

Stress Relief

ZipRecruiter makes finding a job easier, but looking for work can get stressful. Help your job seeker de-stress with aromatherapy candles, stress balls, or a massage gift certificate. Alternatively, the perfect gift doesn’t need to put stress on your budget. Simply taking the time to create a playlist of songs to help them relax can be helpful and mean a whole lot to them.

Coffee Subscription

While ZipRecruiter runs on machine learning technology, many job seekers run on caffeine. Support their habit with a monthly coffee subscription. There are plenty to choose from including some that support local farmers or donate a percentage of each purchase to charity. 

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