ZipRecruiter and Facebook Team Up to Connect Job Seekers to Digital Marketing Jobs

New ZipRecruiter Job Site Connects Job Seekers Credentialed Through Facebook Blueprint with Their Next Great Opportunity

Job seekers who receive credentials through Facebook Blueprint—Facebook’s platform offering online learning courses, training programs, and certifications related to digital marketing—can take advantage of a new ZipRecruiter-powered website to find their next great opportunity.

Job seekers can learn about Facebook’s digital certification programs in ZipRecruiter’s Course Catalog, a curated menu of online training opportunities. Once an individual completes a course and receives a credential, the job seeker can connect with employers seeking these in-demand, newly acquired skills through the new ZipRecruiter-powered website. To explore even more opportunities, the job seeker can import their credentials to their ZipRecruiter profile and get access to millions of additional opportunities available through ZipRecruiter’s marketplace.

“The job market has shifted tremendously over the past year. In the wake of the pandemic, Americans are turning from community colleges and universities towards more affordable online training programs, and employers are moving from degree-based hiring to a focus on skills and competencies,” says ZipRecruiter CEO and co-founder Ian Siegel. “ZipRecruiter is excited to team up with Facebook to expand career opportunities for more Americans and create streamlined pathways into attractive new-collar jobs.”

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