Where to Find Top Talent Online

To be able to secure the very best talent for their companies, employers need to be where the candidates are – and as everyone knows, where the candidates are these days is on the Internet. Whether they’re on a laptop, a tablet, or their phone, virtual recruitment is a natural for job seekers today. If you’re looking to hire, and you want to tap into this pool of candidates, the first place you should look is to online job boards. Here’s why:

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Candidates Use Job Boards

Of all U.S. workers, 74 percent are actively looking for new work or would be open to a new position if the opportunity were presented to them. Two-thirds of those people use job boards to find jobs that might appeal to them, according to The Undercover Recruiter. This is a huge share of active candidates, and companies should make a serious effort to get their postings out to this demographic. The features of a job board are important too – 60 percent of job board hires come from candidates replying from postings, while the remaining 40 percent come from a resume database, according to The Undercover Recruiter. This means job boards without an option for candidates to upload their own qualifications and job histories result in lowered utility for employers and candidates alike.

Job Boards Have Features Candidates Want

Forbes points out that candidates can consolidate their job searches by using job boards intelligently. Websites that offer job alerts can help job-seekers take a path to employment that doesn’t require quite as much time in front of a computer, for example. Job search websites that offer filtering options are also useful to connect candidates with unusual requirements to jobs that will suit them, or vice versa. If you offer flexible hours or allow employees to telecommute, it’s important to mention it. Usability is important, too: Without the right search functions, prospects looking for exactly those features may never find your posting.

Forbes also suggests job-seekers use job aggregation websites, which many major job boards now are. Companies should post on as many job boards as possible, including these aggregators, to cast as wide a net as possible. Other vital features for candidates include mobile access and social integration. Finding a job board that supports these uses is important if you want your job ad to reach as many people seeking work as possible.

Using job boards has another direct benefit: Helping you manage your time. By offering features such as resume management tools and  pre-qualification of  applicants, job boards can help make the hiring process smoother, less stressful, and more productive for hiring managers and job seekers alike.

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