How To Find Top Talent For Startups

Startups are small companies, often with small budgets, and every hire they make needs to add value to the office. Recruiting for a startup is different than for more established businesses because larger companies value a long work history. Startups have the unique perspective of needing creativity and talent, even if that package comes with fewer years of experience.

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Recruiters can use these tips to guide how to find top talent for startups:

Make creative job ads
Creative individuals will respond to creative ads. Recruiters should update their job postings for startup positions and make them stand out from other ads. Video advertisements can be a great way to catch the eye of startup-material job seekers.

Focus on talent
Startup companies needs individuals with talent. Look for candidates with previous startup or small-business experience on their resumes. These individuals will have more hands-on work experience and will be willing to take on multiple roles and more responsibility when it’s necessary. Candidates who worked in a small business are also more likely to have experience working on close knit-teams.

Look for social media expertise
Social media is a large part of marketing and customer service, and startups need candidates who have experience with these sites. One of the best ways to find potential candidates is on the sites themselves. If recruiters find candidates through a resume, they should search for the job seekers on social media sites to learn about their online personas. Recruiters should be cautious about job seekers who have little to no social media knowledge or presence because it demonstrates a lack of expertise.

Find creative people
Startups need individuals who bring innovation into the workplace, so recruiters should pay close attention to candidates who stick out with creative personal projects or unique resumes. Providing candidates with sample projects can help determine how creative they really are. The project can give the job seeker a brief scenario and ask how he or she would proceed.

Ask for referrals
To find employees for a startup, recruiters need to get out and network in the community. Getting to know experts in the startup’s field and seeking out their referrals for leaders and talent in the area can be helpful.

Recruiters must shift perspectives when they hunt for candidates for a small startup firm. Instead of focusing on experience, recruiters should look for creative candidates with a social media presence and the ability to work well with a small group of professionals.

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