Do These 5 Things On National Employee Appreciation Day

When you’re hard at work every day meeting goals and keeping your business thriving, it can be easy to assume your employees know that ‘no news is good news,’ and only acknowledge their performance when it’s not satisfactory. Even if you know things are going smoothly, most employees want feedback to make sure they are doing everything they can to exceed the expectations of their role and help the company grow.

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Tomorrow is National Employee Appreciation Day, the perfect opportunity to show your team you recognize their efforts and appreciate them not only as your employees, but as people. It’s important to encourage your team’s good work to emphasize what is working and keep morale high – plus, giving positive feedback will make it easier for them to accept your criticisms later.

Here are a few simple ways to acknowledge your team tomorrow:

1. Talk to Them

It’s easy to get tunnel-vision just trying to get through the day at work, but only focusing on deadlines and goals can easily make your team feel you see them as nothing more than cogs in your business’ machine. It’s easy to show your employees you care about them as people. A gesture as small as grabbing a quick coffee with them and talking about something other than work could go a long way in making them feel heard and appreciated.

2. Give Them a Break

It’s probably not feasible to give everyone the day off, but finding a little time during the day to let your team relax is a simple way to acknowledge their hard work. Maybe allow everyone to come in a little late, or leave a little early and get a headstart on the weekend. Or, go big and rent masseuse to give in-office massages for the day.

3. Treat Them

Doing a little something extra for your team is a classic, but effective, way to show your gratitude. You could treat everyone to afternoon coffee and donuts, order a catered lunch, or invite everyone to a happy hour paid for by the company. If you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly, host a potluck and extend lunch hour so everyone can enjoy each other’s dishes. Prepare a toast and congratulate everyone on all their hard work. Giving your employees a chance to socialize away from their desks encourages conversations that don’t always happen during work hours, and those connections strengthen the group as a team.

4. One on One Time

If you don’t do this already, now is a great time to start the habit. Find out what your employees’ goals are, what problems they might be having, if they are interested in pursuing something at your company that isn’t part of their current role. Are there any goals you can help them achieve? Any problems you can help to make easier? Sitting down for a private chat with each employee gives you both an opportunity to grow, and work within your business more happy and efficiently.

5. Thank Them

This is probably the easiest way to show you care on Employee Appreciation Day, but it may also be one of the most effective. The best way to show you’re really paying attention to your team is to recognize them for something specific, but a short note expressing your appreciation can also make a big impact on team morale. Writing a message by hand for each employee will show your consideration, and costs almost nothing. You can even mail it to their homes to make it more personal, and give them a fun surprise between junk mail and bills.

Whatever you decide to do on Employee Appreciation Day, make sure keep the holiday spirit alive by taking time to show you’re thankful for your team’s hard work year-round!

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Kylie Anderson is an L.A.-based writer who covered employment trends for the ZipRecruiter blog.

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