Is ZipRecruiter good for recruiters?

Is ZipRecruiter the best thing to happen to recruiters since the invention of job boards, or is it an insidious plot to undermine and eventually destroy the recruiting profession?  Why should a recruiter ever use ZipRecruiter, a site whose home page lists “Pay No Recruiter Fees” as one of its main advantages?

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Fundamentally, hiring managers and recruiters want the same thing: to find qualified people and place them into jobs.  ZipRecruiter makes this process faster and easier, by automating the process of posting to many job boards, screening candidates through an online interview, and keeping all of the resumes and applicant contact information together in one place.

There will always be companies that can’t or won’t pay a recruiter’s fee, and likewise there will always be companies that want the expertise and time saving that comes with a good recruiter.  ZipRecruiter is a great service for both the do-it-yourself companies and for smart recruiters who use the internet to help find candidates for their clients.

One of the most successful recruiters I know has a long series of questions that he asks all of his job candidates to fill out.  It’s a great way to screen out the unqualified people, and helps the good candidates demonstrate their skills to a potential employer before they ever meet.  Emailing questions and resumes back and forth works (if the candidate can read your document format), but it’s painful and annoying compared to just sending a link to an online interview.

Perhaps the most important advantage that ZipRecruiter offers a recruiter is the ability to build their own online database of candidates.  What if, instead of hunting through your email, you could go to one place that had all of the resumes and contact information you’ve collected?  What if you could give your clients access to this database so that they could review candidate resumes and interview answers, without you having to constantly forward emails?  What if you could build your database easily just by posting a link anywhere on the web?

ZipRecruiter makes finding candidates faster and easier.  Recruiters can use ZipRecruiter to expand their pool of candidates without the pain of posting to dozens of job boards, and without wasting time on unqualified job seekers.   A recruiter who offers free ZipRecruiter accounts to their clients will save time around tracking candidates and resumes, and can save their clients money by replacing most of the features of an applicant tracking system.

If saving time, being able to give free accounts to your clients, or building your own online candidate database sound useful to you, why not try posting a job?

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