How to Make Sure Your Weekend Leaves You Refreshed for Monday

You hustle all week to get things done. So, by the time 6PM on Friday hits, you’re totally fried and are looking forward to having some time to relax and recharge over the weekend. But, here’s the problem—you never actually take adequate time to unwind from the week.

That’s right, when you spend all of your downtime constantly checking in on your work email, you’re never totally disconnecting from the office and decompressing from the week. And, you don’t need me to tell you that having that time is important.

Luckily, there are a few things you can work into your weekend routine that will have you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the following Monday. Spoiler alert: you need to stop compulsively refreshing your work inbox.

1. Disconnect

You knew that this was going to appear somewhere on the list, so it might as well be first! As I’m sure you’re already aware, it’s crucial that you step away from the screen and literally disconnect from “work mode”.

Sure, you physically leave the office every Friday afternoon. But, you need to ask yourself if you’re actually ever leaving—or, are you just changing location? If you find yourself constantly reading and responding to work emails during off hours, you’re never really giving your brain the break it deserves.

So, reserve your weekend as time when you disengage from all of those work tasks and stresses. Put down your phone, walk away from your computer, and take the time you need to unwind—you’ve earned it!

2. Do Something You Enjoy

Life can get crazy. So crazy, in fact, that many of us no longer make time for hobbies, passions, and the things we enjoy. But, these activities are important for maintaining a positive outlook and a healthy work/life balance.

Maybe you’d like to meet up with friends for a fun night out. Perhaps you want to relax and read a book. Or, maybe you’re eager to take your dog for a long walk. Whatever your interests are, making the time to actually pursue them is crucial.

Doing this will allow you to enjoy your weekend more—rather than having it feel like just an extension of your work week. So, you’ll be able to return to the office feeling ready to conquer your Monday to-do list.

3. Sleep

This one is somewhat obvious, but it’s still not something you see suggested in a lot of relevant advice. During the workweek, your days start early and they end late—meaning you undoubtedly miss out on precious sleep.

Oftentimes, our sour moods and lack of motivation are direct results of our sleep schedules. When your schedule is a little less demanding on the weekends, use that extra time to sleep in and catch up on some much-needed snoozing.

Think of it as preparation and training for Monday morning. After all, there’s nothing better than strolling into the office feeling well-rested!

4. Exercise

Think about it: If you work a standard desk job, you’re spending at least 40 hours per week sitting in your workspace. And, that sedentary lifestyle can definitely cause you to feel sluggish and melancholy—even if you don’t realize it.

The weekend is the perfect time to get up, get moving, and work some movement into your schedule! Staying active is not only crucial for living a healthier, more well-rounded lifestyle, but also for boosting your mood. Hey, endorphins are a powerful thing.

5. Plan Ahead

There’s nothing more stressful than that Monday morning rush to get out the door. The pants you want to wear are incredibly wrinkled, you can’t find your keys, and the contents of your workbag are strewn all over your house. By the time you finally make it into the office, you feel frazzled, stressed, and crabby. It’s hardly the refreshed Monday feeling you were aiming for.

To avoid that crazy Monday dash, put your weekend to work for you. Take some time on Sunday night to do whatever you need to in order to take a little bit of stress out of the rest of your week.

Create lists to keep you organized through the next few days. Prepare a few meals or ingredients ahead of time. And, set out your outfit and make sure your work bag is packed up and ready to go. It only takes a little bit of time, but it’ll make a huge difference on Monday morning!

Monday morning can have a huge impact on your attitude and approach to the rest of the workweek. So, you definitely want to enter the office with a bit of a spring in your step and a completely refreshed attitude. But, that simply won’t happen if you don’t pay attention to how you’re spending your time on the weekends. Work these tips into your downtime routine, and you’ll be recharged and ready to tackle Monday morning!

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