Employee Appreciation Day: Unlimited Vacation, Spot Bonuses, and 12 Other Employer-Provided Perks

Just when we thought Fridays couldn’t get any better, this Friday—March 5, 2021—marks Employee Appreciation Day. It’s a time for companies to recognize and honor the contributions their workers make on a daily basis.

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Like Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving, we believe that Employee Appreciation Day should be celebrated everyday. Employees are a company’s greatest asset, and providing incentives year-round boosts morale and encourages worker engagement. 

To get the ball rolling, we took a look at some popular incentives provided by employers on ZipRecruiter.

1. Birthday PTO

Most employees appreciate receiving a birthday cake in the office breakroom, but an even better gift is providing them with the day off to eat cake anywhere they want.

2. Volunteer Days

Community service days bring employees together outside the office while giving back to your office’s local community.

3. Donation Matching

When employers chip in to support causes that are important to their workers, it helps employees increase the impact of their charitable contributions.

4. Paid Sabbatical

Providing an extended amount of time for employees to focus on other work or passions while still receiving support can be a very popular way to reward them for their loyalty. 

5. Tuition Reimbursement

Paying for classes doesn’t just make for happier workers, it deepens their connection to the company and makes for more skilled employees. 

6. Free Lunch

Free communal meals give employees a break, as well as an excuse to gather and exchange ideas.

7. Casual Dress

Letting employees decide how to dress enables them to express their creativity, which can be reflected in their work as well.

8. Unlimited Vacation

PTO policies that encourage employees to structure their own time off imbues a level of trust and appreciation. 

9. Pet Insurance

Most people consider their pets part of their families. Pet insurance can help your employees avoid unexpected financial shocks and take care of their fur babies’ health.

10. Dog-Friendly Offices

When companies allow dogs to come to the office everyday, or on particular occasions, it can create a more relaxed and joyful work environment.

11. Team Outings

Activities that take place outside the office, even if they are technically unrelated to work, help build morale and create closer-knit teams.

12. Spot Bonuses

Incentive programs or cash bonuses are a way to enable managers and colleagues to show co-workers that their work is valued. 

13. Gym Memberships

Promoting employee fitness and wellness encourages good habits and a healthy workforce.

14. Film Nights

At the office or in a movie theater, film nights are fun ways for employees—and their families, if invited—to bond around new experiences together.

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