ZipRecruiter Wins G2 Awards Including Easiest to Use and Users Most Likely to Recommend

ZipRecruiter has been honored by G2, the world’s leading business solution review platform, with ten winter awards including “easiest to use”, “users most likely to recommend”, and leader across small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses. The full list of awards won is: 

  • Best Relationship Mid-Market
  • Best Relationship Small Business
  • Best Usability 
  • Easiest to Use 
  • Leader Enterprise 
  • Leader 
  • Leader Mid-Market 
  • Leader Small-Business 
  • Momentum Leader 
  • Users Most Likely to Recommend 

“Our dedication to creating the best hiring products has helped employers of all sizes find top talent through unprecedented times, including the shift to remote work and the widespread labor shortage. We’re honored to see these efforts reflected in our G2 Awards,” said Ryan Eberhard, Chief Product Officer at ZipRecruiter.

ZipRecruiter’s powerful matching technology helps businesses of all sizes find and hire the right candidates quickly and efficiently. In 2021, ZipRecruiter launched Invite to Apply, a solution to hiring bottlenecks that allows employers to proactively find the right talent. Through this tool, ZipRecruiter finds candidates who are a strong fit for a businesses’ open roles and presents them to the hiring manager, who can then connect with the candidates and invite them to apply. Jobs where employers use ‘Invite to Apply’ receive over 2.5 times more candidates.1 And candidates who are invited to apply are nearly three times more likely to get hired.

In 2022 ZipRecruiter will continue to build a category-defining marketplace through Phil, an innovative AI-powered technology working like a personal recruiter. Phil plays an integral role in making the experience of finding a job with ZipRecruiter feel human and differentiated from any other online job search experience.

ZipRecruiter Internal Data, average Jan. 1–Dec. 31 2020.

Based on self-reporting by over 10,000 logged in users who reported being hired for a job through ZipRecruiter from September 1, 2020–October 31, 2020.

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