ZipRecruiter Launches Unemployment Benefits Calculator

Have you recently lost a job? Or are you an independent contractor whose business has dried up?

We are sorry to hear it! Losing a job can be painful and nerve wracking.  

Tens of millions of people have experienced job loss very recently—and the truth is that it can happen to any of us.

One of the hardest things about losing a job is not knowing what will come next—how the bills will get paid and when we will find a new job.

Many workers who apply for unemployment insurance don’t hear back for several days—and in some cases, even weeks. 

Calculating your unemployment benefits 

To help clear some of the uncertainty, ZipRecruiter has launched a new unemployment benefits calculator that will provide an immediate estimate of your weekly benefit amount given your state and pre-job loss earnings. 

Of course, you must file a claim with your state to determine your eligibility and actual benefit amount conclusively. 

But our calculator can give you an idea of how much you might receive in the meantime to help you plan accordingly.

If policy changes at the state or federal level affect your benefits, we will adjust the calculator. 

Searching for work

While you receive income support through unemployment compensation, you can also start your job search with us. 

States typically require you to search for work and document your work search activities to qualify for unemployment benefits, although some have waived the requirement temporarily due to the pandemic. 

Whether or not you are required to look for work, we encourage you to start right away. 

We’re dedicated to helping you find a great job as soon as possible. And with over 9 million jobs available in a variety of industries, ZipRecruiter is the only site you need to find the right job for you.

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