An Office Juice Cleanse (a.k.a. The ZipRecruiter Hunger Games)

What happens when you cross a health-conscious CEO with a city that lives and breathes health fads? An opt-in office juice cleanse, of course.

Starting today, about half of the ZipRecruiter office is drinking nothing but cold-pressed Clover Juice for 72 hours. Now dubbed The ZipRecruiter Hunger Games by some (and Juicepocolypse by others), the next three days will test our self-control while (hopefully/theoretically) cleansing our minds, bodies, and souls.

As for the other half of the office? Well, so far they seem to have chosen the path of evil. The days leading up to the cleanse have been marked by pictures of bacon and by open discussions of popcorn, tiramisu, red velvet cupcakes, and cheesecake. As I sit here, drinking my pre-breakfast juice made of lemon, camu camu (whatever that is) cayenne pepper, agave syrup, and H20, my stomach and I fear for what our non-juicing counterparts have planned for the days ahead.

Stay tuned for regular updates, pass along your words of encouragement to us juicers, and please, please, please, keep the bacon pictures to yourself — at least until Friday.

UPDATE 1: The Juice Has Arrived

Clover delivered juice for the first two days and we’re now sipping our liquid breakfast. Thus far spirits seem high and mockery is surprisingly low.

UPDATE 2: Many Have Fallen

I wish I had read The Hunger Games (or remembered the movie better) so I could come up with some great analogies right now. I’m sure they’re there. Here’s what I can tell you: It’s the morning of the third and final day. Just as with The Hunger Games, most of us have fallen. We were picked off slowly, one by one.

You might have noticed that I didn’t give an update yesterday, day 2 of The Cleanse. It’s because I spent most of the day unable to think about anything other than how tired and miserable I was. I even pulled a Katniss last night and started loosing my mind. While holding my phone and looking at pictures on Instagram, I asked my roommates if they had seen my phone. They looked at me, dumbfounded, and we all agreed that it was time for me to go to bed. However, like Katniss, I overcame my close encounter with failure.

And guess what? This morning I feel amazing.

The few of us who have remained true to the cleanse — we’ve had no coffee, no solid food, no extra juice — I think we’re going to make it. The end is so close that it has renewed our dedication.

To be completed…

UPDATE 3: Sweet, Sweet Coffee

Remember when I talked about that renewed sense of dedication? That quickly melted away last night as I watched my roommate mow down on fettuccine Alfredo. I came so close to caving that I actually took a bite of fresh parmesan and spit it out. I fell asleep thinking about how delicious breakfast was going to taste in the morning.

Then something interesting happened — morning came, but hunger didn’t. So I had juice for breakfast (there was extra from those who dropped out) and I enjoyed it.

That said, I also immensely enjoyed having my first (and second) coffee since the weekend, and I’m looking forward to our healthy company lunch that will be here momentarily.


First, let me say that this was awesome to do as an office. It was a great way to spur conversation among everyone and to build camaraderie, and I feel much closer to my colleagues now than I did just a few days ago.

As for the cleanse itself, I think I had an upper hand due to my preparation. I weaned myself off of coffee over the two days before the cleanse and I ate a strictly raw diet the day before. I was also certain to stay busy around dinnertime, and I told my friends I was juice fasting so they would help me stay accountable outside of the office.

Will I do this again? Yes, though I’m not yet sure if I would commit to three full days.

If your CEO is as crazy as ours is, then I encourage you to give an office juice cleanse a shot.

Thanks again to our friends at Clover for the juice!

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