ZipRecruiter Growing, Turns Two

ZipRecruiter Is 2 Years Old

ZipRecruiter Growing, Turns TwoWell that was fast.

ZipRecruiter turned two in March.

A year ago we were still working at Ward’s kitchen table. Now we’re in a Santa Monica office and I can’t see Joe (who sits directly across from me) because an over-sized monitor is blocking the view.

A year ago we sat on wooden chairs. Now my chair has certified lumbar support. This is a big deal. Lumbar support is one of my new benchmarks for startup success.

We now have 14 employees (I just counted). We used ZipRecruiter to hire most of them.

We still have no standing meetings, no vacation policy, and no phone tree. Fingers crossed that never changes.

We are still 100% bootstrapped.

Employers are posting tens of thousands of new jobs per month.

1.5 million job seekers come through ZipRecruiter to view those jobs.

We are grateful to every employer and job seeker who is using the site. We are serious about bringing you together.

Thank you for two great years.

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Ian Siegel is ZipRecruiter’s CEO and Co-founder.

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