ZipRecruiter Becomes First Hiring App Featured in Square’s App Marketplace

Small and midsize businesses are the biggest job creators in the country and a huge driver of US economic growth. ZipRecruiter is committed to creating products that help these companies find quality candidates fast. It’s just one more reason why we’re the smartest way to hire.

That’s why we integrated with Square, a service that offers solutions for the unique challenges growing business face every day, like accepting credit card payments and creating financial reports.

Here’s How the Integration Works:

● ZipRecruiter is the first and only hiring service to be featured in Square’s App Marketplace.

● The App Marketplace is a convenient place where hundreds of thousands of active Square invoice sellers can find trusted and popular business apps endorsed by Square to help with their everyday operational needs.

● The integration puts intuitive, simple-to-use ZipRecruiter technology and hiring tools at SMB business owners’ fingertips.

● Marketplace customers who are new to ZipRecruiter can even take advantage of a four-day trial to find their next great hire for free.

ZipRecruiter is now a trusted partner of some of the biggest names in tech. We actively partner with innovative companies who are dedicated to seeing SMBs succeed, including Facebook and Google among others.

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