Meet Janet: Our Early Career Advisor

Janet Lamwatthananon is the ZipRecruiter Career Advisor who focuses on helping job seekers who are just starting, or are in the early stages of, their careers.

We sat down with her to find out a bit about her background, and get some career advice. Look for her career advice posts on the blog!

Q. What is your background and how did it bring you to ZipRecruiter?

Janet: Immediately after graduating with a B.A. in Sociology, I worked for a Human Resources Department in the Public Sector.  I gained general HR knowledge for over two years and decided the staffing/ talent acquisition piece of HR was where I wanted to focus my career.  I loved being a part of the hiring process and helping people get hired.  I also decided I wanted to be in the Tech Industry so I applied to be a part of the ZipRecruiter Recruiting Team and have been here ever since.

Q. What do you most want to accomplish as the ZipRecruiter Career and Hiring Expert

Janet: As the ZipRecruiter Career and Hiring Expert, I want to provide relevant and helpful tips to both jobseekers and employers.  As a job seeker on the market, the application and interviewing process can get very daunting at times.  I hope that the tips I share can shine some light on how to secure a dream job.

Q. Do you have a mission statement, or particular approach to giving career and hiring advice?

Janet: I try to give people specific, actionable advice wherever possible. If someone has a question about the best way to make a good impression in a job interview, for example, I’ll give them concrete steps they can take. General advice like “smile and make eye contact” is good, but tips like “always ask a specific question about the company that shows that you did your research” can make make a real difference in outcomes for job seekers.

Q. What do you think is the most important piece of information for job candidates to know right now?

Janet: It is very important to have an online profile especially a Linkedin.  In this day and age, hiring managers and recruiters love having access to a candidate’s background, network, and even location with a few clicks of a button.  If you’re profile/contact information can’t easily be accessed, the hiring team may just look past your application.

Q. Same question for employers who are hiring?

Janet: Employers should always provide clear and concise job title and descriptions.  If a job is posted online with an overly creative title, it may not attract the right type of candidates that one is looking to hire.  For example, instead of “Front Desk Ninja”, stick to the standard “Administrative Assistant” to attract a wide pool of candidates.

Q. What is the most surprisingly helpful piece of advice anyone has given you about your own career?

Janet: The best advice anyone has given me is to “network, network, network”.  While I was in school, I skipped most of the networking/ coffee sessions, many that were hosted by USC’s world renowned business school.  When I look back, I wish I had kept in touch with more of my professors and attended more of these events. Now that I’ve been in the workforce for a while, I’ve realized how important it is to stay connected with both present and past colleagues.  You can do this by attending local events that are relevant to your career path and again, keeping your Linkedin profile up-to-date.

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