ZipCares Volunteer Week Launches in Tel Aviv

ZipCares is ZipRecruiter’s CSR and Employee Volunteer program, and its mission is to help all people—especially those who face unique challenges—find meaningful work.

ZipCares Volunteer Week, Q1 2018

Volunteer Week is the biggest quarterly event for ZipCares. It’s designed to further the ZipCares mission by giving employees in Santa Monica and Tempe a week’s worth of volunteer events with over a dozen nonprofits to choose from. We just wrapped our first Volunteer Week of 2018, and for the first time ever, the ZipRecruiter Tel Aviv office took part.

Volunteer Week in Tel Aviv

ZipRecruiter Tel Aviv hosted students from Educating for Excellence (E4E), an Israeli nonprofit that was founded in 1999 and operates over forty educational centers. The organization’s mission is to educate children from Israel’s socioeconomic and geographic periphery and guide them toward academic and personal success.

ZipRecruiter volunteers gave five presentations to the E4E students that were ten minutes each. The presentation topics ranged from Octopuses and Ballet to Netflix and Bitcoin. A list of ten questions was generated to accompany each presentation, and the crowd (a mix of E4E students and ZipRecruiter volunteers) had to guess the answer to each question. To their surprise, the students discovered that they knew more answers than the ZipRecruiter employees, which showed them they have a lot to contribute, and demonstrated the power of collaboration.

The highlight of the event was when Gabi, a ZipRecruiter team leader, shared that he is an alumni of E4E. The students were both shocked and excited, and later shared that it was inspiring to see what Gabi has achieved with hard work and dedication. The event was also a reminder for Gabi of his early experiences as an E4E student. “I still remember my first visit to a tech company as a student, and how that encouraged me to keep working hard toward my goals.”

The E4E staff also expressed excitement and gratitude after the event. “The event felt so natural and pleasant, and everybody was engaged and involved. The kids were hypnotized! They didn’t lose focus, even after two hours of sitting. The topics were amazing, and Gabi’s part was so important for the kids. They were shocked to learn that he himself is an alumni of Educating for Excellence.”

The ZipCares Impact Around the World

Safe to say, the inaugural Volunteer Week Tel Aviv was a huge success. The kids were engaged and inspired, and the ZipRecruiter team went home feeling great about the work they had done. In fact, the team enjoyed the event so much, they’re hoping to host E4E groups on a monthly basis.

Back in the U.S., ZipRecruiter volunteers across three offices contributed a total of 500 hours during Volunteer Week. 193 people signed up for 29 unique events, doing their part to serve local veterans, people experiencing homelessness, and at-risk youth.

With another successful Volunteer Week in the books, it’s now’s the time to start prepping for the next one!    

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