ZipCares Launches Campaign to Honor Veterans

As of 2020, ZipCares has a new name: Learn more about our mission here.

This month we are honoring the brave men and women who have served our country. Throughout November we will post a series of articles that offer invaluable information specific to Veteran job seekers. From common mistakes to avoid in the interview, to resume training videos and job search tips, we’ve put together a variety of tools to help Veterans succeed in the civilian workplace.

Since there’s really no one better than a fellow Veteran to offer advice about landing a civilian job, we conducted interviews with ZipRecruiter employees who have served in the Armed Forces. James, a Veteran and Marketplace Compliance Coordinator here at ZipRecruiter, had to overcome many challenges before landing his current role.

“I wish I’d known how to translate my military experience to civilian experience on my resume and during interviews. I’ve since learned how important it is to showcase the unique skills you develop in the military and how valuable they can be in your next job.”

In addition to sharing expert advice and Veteran success stories, we’ve also developed a feature on our platform to help Veteran job seekers stand out. Job Seeker Profiles allows all ZipRecruiter users to fill out a summary of their skills, certifications, desired salary and career objectives to improve their visibility to employers. To ensure the best job match for Veterans, we designed a special badge to include with their Profile so employers can clearly identify candidates with the unique skills that Veterans have to offer.

We are proud to have Veterans working at ZipRecruiter, and we hope that by sharing their stories we can provide helpful insights for other Veterans facing similar challenges.

To hear more Veteran success stories and insights on how to find the right job for you, visit our ZipCares Veteran homepage.

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