The Top Small Business Entry-Level Jobs Right Now

According to a recent ZipRecruiter survey, the majority of job seekers would prefer to work for a SMB (small or medium-sized business). Their reasons vary, but 27% of survey participants told us that they like the close-knit, personal feel of a smaller business, while 25% cited that they enjoy being able to see their impact on the company.

If you’re like 64% of the job seekers we surveyed, you too would prefer to work at a SMB. And after settling on a smaller-sized company, it’s time to decide which jobs to apply to. For job seekers with little or no relevant previous work experience, some small and medium-sized business jobs could be easier to secure than others.

We used ZipRecruiter data to determine the top entry-level SMB jobs to help inexperienced candidates get jobs at smaller companies. To create our list, we looked at the most commonly posted jobs in 2017 and 2018 by small and medium-sized businesses. These were our results:

1. Customer Service Representative

Annual Mean Wage: $35,650

People in these roles interact directly with customers, and are the face of the businesses that employ them. They can communicate with customers face-to-face, over the phone, via email, or through an instant message interface. Customer Service Representatives’ primary responsibilities are to answer questions, solve problems, and field complaints. They might also be tasked with logging important customer information in their business’ internal data system.  

2. Receptionist

Annual Mean Wage: $29,640

Receptionists provide administrative and general support to a business’ employees, visitors, patients, and clients. They’re typically tasked with greeting people as they arrive, answering and redirecting phone calls, managing various logistical projects, and keeping the office running smoothly. Receptionists working in different industries will also have other responsibilities specific to the nature of that industry.

3. General Laborer

Annual Mean Wage: $38,890

Laborers perform a range of duties and tasks at construction sites. The skills and expertise required of candidates will vary slightly based on the specific job, but most positions require specialized training. General Laborer work includes road construction, building construction, remodeling work, and painting. These jobs require a great deal of physical strength, endurance, and attention to detail.

4. Field Service Technician

Annual Mean Wage: $42,660

This job role is pretty self explanatory. Field Service Technicians are in charge of handling on-site repairs and maintenance for all types of companies. They can specialize in working on products like air conditioning and heating systems, home or office security units, computers/electronics, or factory-graded machines. A typical workday for a technician will include performing routine scheduled maintenance, installing new machines or equipment, offering technical support, fielding questions, and answering repair requests. An Associate degree or vocational certificate may be required.

5. Warehouse Worker

Annual Mean Wage: $32,910

Warehouse employees work in warehouses that serve industries of every type and size. Excelling in this role requires a high level of physical strength, endurance, and attention to detail. Warehouse workers perform a range of tasks, such as accepting and processing incoming inventory, pulling and shipping orders, and managing materials in the warehouse.

6. Pest Control Technician

Annual Mean Wage: $36,610

These Technicians are in charge of responding to requests for pest control. Their work can take them to private residences, public institutions, or company office buildings. From roaches and termites to rats and rodents, Pest Control Technicians must be able to readily identify different types of pests and understand how to manage or exterminate each unique species.

7. Data Entry Clerk/Operator

Annual Mean Wage: $32,530

These Clerk or Operator roles involve manually entering data or other important information into a digital format. Data Entry doesn’t usually require previous work experience or a degree, but it will require that candidates can type quickly and understand basic computer software programs. These jobs usually offer on-the-job training and opportunities for advancement.

8. Driver

Annual Mean Wage: $35,000

Driver’s are responsible for transporting people or goods from point A to point B via a car, bus, van, or other vehicle. These positions require candidates to have a valid license and can also involve interfacing directly with clients and customers in person, over the phone, or via text.  

9. Installer

Annual Mean Wage: $29,700

These types of jobs are similar to Field Service Technician positions, but they usually involve a more specific set of responsibilities. Installers are tasked with setting up and activating different systems or technologies in residences, office buildings, or public institutions. Candidates may be required to have an Associate degree or training certificate.   

10. Call Center Representative

Annual Mean Wage: $27,670

Call Center Representatives place outgoing calls or field incoming calls on behalf of a specific company or organization. They are tasked with assisting customers, solving problems, answering questions, and accommodating requests. They may also be asked to upsell products and services on behalf of the organization. Many Call Center workers are paid on a commission basis.

There are plenty of good reasons to pursue working at a SMB, but getting your foot in the door is oftentimes easier said than done. Entry-level jobs provide an accessible route to employment for job seekers without a lot of experience. Plus, smaller companies usually offer more opportunities for quick advancement, which means you won’t necessarily be in your starter job for long. No matter what industry you’d like to work in, our 10 top entry-level jobs are a great place to start your SMB job search.

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