The Worst Places To Run Into Your Boss

1. A Bar

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Let’s start with the obvious. From embarrassing karaoke to the potential for drunken angry rants you can never take back, we all know the many ways this could go badly.

2. The Gym

You’re sweaty, panting, moving in unnatural ways – this isn’t something you want anyone seeing, let alone the person you want to view you as capable and collected.

3. The Doctor’s Office

Whether you’re waiting for your weekly therapy sesh or getting a routine check-up, medical matters are personal. Being stuck in a lobby with your boss means either awkwardly avoiding each other, or getting TMI.

4. Online Dating

Seeing someone on a dating site is generally awkward no matter who it is. You’re observing the person – privately – in a pretty vulnerable position, and learning way more about their personal life with just one click than you might working next to them for years. Don’t judge the white lies about how they love “adventures” and overly #filtered photos – remember, if you see them, they’ve probably seen you too.

5. Public Transportation

Pray they’re not chatty, or you’re in it for the long haul…aaand will probably be talking about work.

6. In an Auto Collision…With Them

It’s never fun to run into your boss…it’s really not fun to literally run into them.

7. A Singles Event

Slightly worse even than finding their dating profile, seeing your boss at a singles event means you’ll probably have to talk to them. Or you could fake an accent, assume a false identity, and pretend to be a different person for the evening. Your call.

8. The Grocery Store

You are what you eat, and seeing what someone chows down on at home is like getting a peek at just how sad their life is. Try not to think about the frozen dinner and two-for-one of wine rolling around in their basket next time you’re stuck making small talk in the break room.

9. Basically Anywhere

Even if you have a great working relationship with your boss, it’s always easier and more beneficial for everyone to keep your personal and professional lives separate. If you do get stuck in an uncomfortable situation, you can always just avoid them for the next three weeks! Just kidding (sort of).

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Kylie Anderson is an L.A.-based writer who covered employment trends for the ZipRecruiter blog.

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