The Top Cities for Job Growth in 2014

In the second of our series of posts exploring the most important job trends of 2014, we take a look at which places in the U.S. are the top cities for job growth.

The economy continues with what looks to be a strong, sustained jobs recovery, but some cities have done a better job than others of quickly creating jobs. We looked at job growth year over year to determine which 20 cities are creating jobs the fastest.


1. Huntsville AL – 6.1% Job Growth

The home of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center tops our list of quickly growing job markets, with strong demand in engineering and IT positions.


2. Asheville NC – 5.8% Job Growth

Asheville’s strong healthcare and education sectors continue to drive growth in the city, pushing the job creation rate up 5.8% over the last year.


3. Mesa AZ – 5.8% Job Growth

This upscale suburb of Phoenix got a boost from its robust healthcare, education, and aerospace sectors, resulting in job growth of 5.8% over 2013.


4. Montgomery AL – 5.4% Job Growth

Alabama’s second largest city – which was named an All-American city this year – had job growth of 5.4% on the strength of its cornerstone agricultural sector which, combined with a diversifying economy, drove strong job creation year over year.


5. Cedar Rapids IA  – 5.4% Job Growth

Just a few years after a devastating flood, Cedar Rapids is creating jobs at a brisk pace, with its corn processions, avionics, and healthcare sectors driving growth in the City of Five Seasons.

Photo via Flickr: Ron Reiring
Photo via Flickr: Ron Reiring

6. Fargo ND – 5.2% Job Growth

The Gateway to the West continues to successfully diversify its economy, with the healthcare and education sectors leading the charge away from a reliance on jobs related to the historically predominant agricultural sector.

Photo via Flickr: Sean Nicholl
Photo via Flickr: Sean Nicholl

7. Evansville IN – 5.0% Job Growth

The economic engine of a tri-state region of Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, Evansville experienced strong job growth in 2014 due to its rock solid healthcare and finance sectors.


8. Irving TX – 5.0% Job Growth

This dynamic city in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex is home to a number of corporate headquarters, including those of Exxon-Mobil and Kimberly Clark, and also boasts strong financial service and telecommunications sectors.


9. Bakersfield CA  – 4.9% Job Growth

This historic town in California’s Central Valley powered its job growth with a healthy diversification of employment sectors, including oil and gas production, agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare services.


10. Honolulu HI – 4.9% Job Growth

The state capital of Hawaii has more going for it than just tourism, with trade, military activity, and manufacturing all contributing to its strong 2014 job growth.

Here’s the full list of our Top 20 Fastest Growing Job Markets in 2014:

Job MarketsYearly Growth
1Huntsville AL6.1
2Asheville NC5.8
3Mesa AZ5.8
4Montgomery AL5.4
5Cedar Rapids IA5.4
6Fargo ND5.2
7Evansville IN5.0
8Irving TX5.0
9Bakersfield CA4.9
10Honolulu HI4.9
11Green Bay WI4.9
12Fayetteville NC4.7
13Modesto CA4.6
14Topeka KS4.6
15Springfield MO4.5
16Wilmington NC4.5
17Greensboro NC4.5
18Springfield IL4.5
19Des Moines IA4.5
20New Haven CT4.5

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