The Top 5 Growth Industries Heading into 2015

The Top 5 Growth Industries Heading into 2015

As the economy picks up steam, it’s becoming clear that in the wake of the Great Recession there are some new winners among fast-growing industries. As distinct from industries which consistently create jobs year after year (Health Care, Retail) or industries which once were quickly growing but have bottomed out in the current recovery (Construction),  this new crop of quickly growing industries experienced big jumps in year over year job creation rates.

1. Banking22.2% Growth Year over Year

Banking is back: though some financial institutions are shedding jobs, the overall trend – as anyone who has noticed the sudden proliferation of Chase branches might suspect – is strong, double-digit growth. Stricter governmental oversight has led to increased demand for Compliance Officers, and banks are also looking for Tellers and Bank Managers to staff all of those new branches.

2. Environmental Science18.5% Growth Year over Year

Environmental Science broke into the big time over the last twelve months, with demand so strong that jobs have increased all throughout the ES pipeline, from educators and professors on the collegiate end to field scientists and consultants on the private sector end. New regulations combined with the popularity of fracking (which requires all sorts of environmental remediation efforts) are the driving factors here.

3. Internet4.2% Growth Year over Year

The Internet continues to drive growth across the board: from software engineers who write code to the marketing folks who make sure everyone hears about the latest disruptive app, to everyone in between (Customer Support, Sales, QA Engineers), the web is now the job creation engine the pre-Dotcom Bust hype predicted it would become, albeit 20 years or so later than projected.

4. Advertising3.7% Growth Year over Year

The Advertising industry is extraordinarily sensitive to overall economic trends, since consumers laboring under the pall of high unemployment rates are – very rationally! – not going to be buying what they are selling (whatever it is). With a much-improved job market comes an uptick in consumer spending, and voilà! Back comes advertising!

5. Telecommunications2.9% Growth Year over Year

Another industry reliant on an expanding economy, Telecomm has come back as robust hiring creates demand for phone lines for all those new employees. From Account Executives to Installers, the folks who bring you the joy of inter-office voicemail, video-conferencing and VOIP are hiring at a very healthy pace.

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