The Hottest Jobs and Industries of 2018 So Far

Today’s hiring landscape is a job seeker’s market. Unemployment is at an 18 year low of 4.1%, meaning competition for jobs is relatively low. In January, 200,000 new jobs were added to the marketplace and wages grew at the fastest rate since 2009, making for an even better job seeker market. ZipRecruiter data shows that millions of job seekers are searching for new opportunities in the new year, and with so many great opportunities available, it’s not surprising. We decided to take a look at what jobs people are searching for, to determine the hottest jobs of 2018 so far.

Most Searched Job Title Keywords

  1. Warehouse
  2. Customer service
  3. Cashier
  4. Sales
  5. Part-time
  6. Customer service representative
  7. Healthcare
  8. Manager
  9. Administrative assistant
  10. Electrician

The hottest job of 2018 so far is warehouse employee. Job seekers have searched the keyword 19,568,653 times in just the first two months of 2018. People in these types of jobs typically work in large warehouse settings, processing, fulfilling, and loading shipments. To excel in these types of roles, candidates must be highly organized, adhere to safety procedures, and maintain accurate inventory records. We think this job is hot for a few reasons. It pays well, has limited barriers to entry, and with the steady rise of online mega-retailers like Amazon there are many positions available throughout the country. Other top jobs included customer service, cashier, sales, and administrative assistant positions. These are typically customer or client-facing roles that require candidates to be organized, empathetic, and communicative. Healthcare jobs and electrician jobs also made the top 10 list.

Most Searched Job Categories

  1. Business services
  2. Warehousing
  3. Customer service
  4. Sales
  5. Restaurant
  6. Retail sales
  7. Product manufacturing
  8. Nursing
  9. Hospital
  10. Software

Many of the most searched job categories align closely with the most searched job title keywords. Warehousing was the 2nd most searched job category with 35,664,812 searches this year alone. Business services, customer service, and sales category searches also align with top job title keywords. Interestingly, Restaurant made the top 10 category list even though waitress, waiter, and server did not appear in the top 10 keyword list. A couple of healthcare-related searches were also popular, included nursing and hospital.

Most Searched Job Industries

  1. Healthcare
  2. Nonprofit
  3. Agriculture
  4. Science
  5. Retail
  6. Sports and recreation
  7. Housekeeping
  8. Technology
  9. Government
  10. Manufacturing

The top 10 most searched job industries included a wide range of professions. Healthcare-related searches took the top spot, with 77,844,317 total searches, while the tenth most searched industry (government) had 10,804,357 searches. While retail, healthcare, and manufacturing industry searches align with top searches for job title keywords and categories, other top searched industries were more surprising. Industries like science, government, and technology are typically associated with highly-educated, highly-skilled job seekers. The appearance of those industries on our list could be a clue that a wider variety of job seekers are considering switching companies or jobs than the other two lists suggest.   

ZipRecruiter data makes it clear that even with unemployment at an 18 year low, many job seekers are still interested in finding new opportunities. Across a range of industries, from government to manufacturing, millions of people have already used ZipRecruiter this year to look for jobs. These hot jobs tell us that even though the large majority of people in the country are gainfully employed, movement within the job marketplace won’t come to a standstill anytime soon.

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