The Best Jobs For People Who Hate Being Told What to Do

The ability to take direction. It’s a desirable quality that virtually every single employer looks for. But, if you’re someone who just plain hates being told what to do? Well, it’s undeniably difficult for you to fit that mold and make a great name for yourself at work.

Let’s face it—nearly every job involves some element of being able to follow directions. Managers need to respect instructions from corporate, teachers need to follow specific curriculum, and freelancers need to listen to the wishes of their clients. So, as you might imagine, it’s pretty tough to find a career path that offers complete autonomy.

However, don’t give up all hope just yet—you rebellious loner, you! Check out these seven odd jobs that are perfect for those people who hate having to listen to “the man”. Yes, there might still be some bossing around involved. But, they’re sure to be at least a step in the right direction!

1. Freelancer or Consultant

Yes, you’ll still need to deal with some griping and requests from your clients. But, for the most part, you have a lot of say in the work you do. Whether you’re a writer, artist, web developer, or business consultant, working for yourself gives you a lot of control over the type of work that fills your time.

Beyond the actual assignments that fill your plate, you’ll also get to dictate your own work schedule and environment. That type of control is fitting for someone who typically rolls his eyes at the first sight of a strict demand.

2. Life Coach

So, you absolutely hate being told what to do? Well, why not turn the tables and make your living telling other people what to do with their lives?

That’s exactly what you’ll do as a life coach—provide guidance and counsel for people who are desperately seeking advice on what next steps they should take in their lives and careers. Sounds like an absolute dream for an independent control freak like you, doesn’t it?

3. Author or Blogger

Whether you want to crank out the next great bestseller or craft blog posts about your greatest passions, writing can be a great way to make a living—without a ton of influence from others.

You may run into some conflicts with your editor or some formal guidelines from a sponsor that’s compensating you for a specific piece of content. However, for the most part, you’ll get to hold the reins when it comes to your own work and professional identity. What could be better than that?

4. Wilderness Guide

When the only call you want to answer is the call of the wild, a gig as a wilderness guide could be just what you’re looking for.

You’ll make your living guiding hikers on trails or taking hopeful anglers out on fishing trips. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors and a break from the strict demands of a standard office environment, this free-wheeling position could be absolutely perfect for you!

5. Musician

Here’s the great thing about music—there are virtually no rules you have to follow. So, if you can manage to pull it off, a career as a musician can be incredibly fulfilling for someone who would prefer to forge his or her own path.

You’ll get to march to the beat of your very own drummer—literally.

6. Financial Advisor

Be forewarned, there are definitely some specific rules, regulations, and pieces of advice that you’ll want to take note of when working as a financial advisor.

But, for someone who wants to look at a particular situation and form his or her own opinion and plan, this gig can be a great fit. Plus, you’ll get the added bonus of helping people maximize their own money to pursue their own goals in life.

7. The Boss

Finally, if you’re aiming to be completely free of directions and demands from the top, your best bet is to work your way up there yourself. Just think about it—once you’re the one in charge, you’ll be able to dole out instructions yourself, rather than constantly being on the receiving end of them.

Taking direction is a seemingly necessary part of any job—so, unfortunately, it’s truly a difficult thing to escape completely. However, these seven different career paths are suitable choices for those who are trying to break free from an overwhelming amount of restrictions and requirements.

Check them out and see for yourself! Or don’t—I won’t tell you what to do.

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