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One of the hottest topics in recruitment today is employer branding. Distinguishing your company from the competition as a great place to work, with its own unique quirks and characteristics, can attract better talent than what you may have had to work with before. It can also help you receive the right resumes and responses to job postings – candidates who aren’t interested in the brand experience you’re offering will refrain from replying, saving you time you might otherwise spend on people who just won’t fit your culture. Employer branding is a collection of expectations and practices that play a role in all phases of the career of those at your company, and it needs to start during the recruitment process. Here are some ideas about how to make sure your job posting is well-branded in a way that will be beneficial to you and candidates alike:

Convey Your Culture

You don’t need to write out a schedule in the day of the life of someone in the position you’re advertising, but you should give job seekers some idea of what goes on at your workplace that makes it different from other jobs. Do you have corporate social responsibility initiatives like paid time off for charitable efforts? Do you have a big open-plan office that fosters collaboration? Things your current employees may take for granted as simply being part of the landscape are often those parts of your culture that can make or break a position’s suitability for a new hire.

Another important element of culture is how employees relate to one another, both within and across departments and teams. This can be pretty hard to get through in a job posting, but any programs or trends your company has about employee relations should be highlighted, even if only briefly. Mentorship programs or monthly team lunches both convey a lot about what candidates can expect from their colleagues if they are hired.

Ask Yourself Key Questions

To define your employer brand, you need to ask yourself a few questions. It’s easy to believe you don’t really have an employee brand, but it’s more a matter of whether you’re paying attention than one of whether you have one at all. To pinpoint your branding, Monster recommends you ask yourself and others why you work for this company, why you and your colleagues stay and which traits your star employees tend to share. This combination of reasons and attributes can help you begin to outline your brand as an employer. You likely pay a good deal of attention to your branding to your customers already, and that is exactly the kind of thought you need to put into your branding as it concerns candidates and current employees.

Don’t Change, Just Explain

Unless the questions above have led to truly unfortunate answers, there’s no reason to rethink your entire employer brand. If your workers stay for the steady job in a pleasant professional environment, base your employer branding on that. Though it may not be fun and exciting, a fairly conservative employer brand will attract candidates who will thrive in your office. Of course, if you’ve gotten quirky answers, you should work those into your job postings as well.

The point of making your employer branding as clear as possible on job boards is to attract the right kind of candidate – those who will fit in and do well at your company. Therefore, you need to be honest about what makes your workplace different. Candidates and their future colleagues will all appreciate such an effort.

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