Apply with LinkedIn button lifts application rates by 10%!

Apply with LinkedIn on ZipRecruiter

Apply with LinkedIn on ZipRecruiterWe tend to be deliberate about adding a new feature to the ZipRecruiter interface because we believe simplicity is what both job seekers and employers like about our service.

To that point, we initially only added the “Apply with LinkedIn” button to 50% of job listings. No matter how intuitive something new may seem we like to measure the impact before making it a permanent feature.

The result?

Jobs with the LinkedIn option saw a 10% lift in applicants.

(For the geeky, we use a chi-square methodology and measured to 99% significance using a sample size of more than 50k job views.)

To put that in dollars — were we to purchase that amount of incremental traffic/applicants for our customers it would run us north of $25,000 dollars a month!

We have since added the “Apply with LinkedIn” button to all job listings!

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