4 Things To Do For Your Job Search This Weekend

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Weekend Job Search Tips

It’s the weekend! Time to kick back, watch the game, and forget about your job search until Monday, right? Well, sure, you could do that, or you could use your spare weekend time to get a jump on the next week of job hunting. With competition for jobs as tough as it is, you might be putting yourself behind other candidates if you take too much time off. But don’t worry: just follow these four easy weekend job search tips, and you can keep your job search progress moving forward until Monday morning.

1. Stay Prepared

It’s a fact that fewer job listings go out over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean you should completely shut down your job search on Saturday and Sunday. At the very least, keep an eye on incoming job alerts and be prepared to quickly respond to promising job leads. It may be tempting to put it off until Monday, but you can be sure other applicants aren’t.

2. Play Catch Up

Because fewer job postings go out on the weekend, it’s a great time to catch up with the job boards and email alerts you might not have gotten to during the week. Run another job search, just to make sure nothing got by you, and even if a few days have passed, take the time to respond to relevant job postings anyway. As the New York Lottery ads say: “Hey, you never know.”

3. Review Your Weekly Progress

Is one cover letter approach working better than the others? Are you getting more responses from applications for any job title over another? Is anything not working, and if not, how can you fix it? These are the types of questions you should ask yourself at least once a week. There’s no sense in continuing to pursue a job search strategy that’s not working, and the weekend presents a great opportunity to sit back and take a long look how your search is going overall.

4. Take Time Off

Though it’s a good practice not to totally walk away from your job search over the weekend, it’s definitely important to take time to relax and recoup your strength, both mentally and physically. Looking for a job – especially if you don’t currently have one – can be an exhausting process! Reading a book, going for a jog, or spending time with family and friends all are great ways to help keep you going until you land your new job.

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