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This article provides a roundup of recent news stories related to employment. Team ZipRecruiter will share frequent updates. 

  • The U.S. added 559,000 payroll jobs in May, fewer than economists expected but far more than the prior month. Wages and working hours rose, but the labor force participation rate fell slightly, despite falling Covid cases and rising vaccination rates.
  • President Joe Biden has signalled that he will not support the extension of expanded unemployment benefits beyond September 6, but rather allow them to expire then, as previously stipulated. 
  • Teens have been gaining jobs faster than other age groups, and teen employment has now jumped above pre-pandemic levels. 
  • The second Ohio Vax-a-Million drawing winner says the lottery was the factor that motivated him to get vaccinated against Covid. 
  • Walmart will give 740,000 associates smartphones so that they can use an app to manage their working schedules more easily and efficiently. Earlier in the year, Walmart raised starting hourly pay rates from $13 to $19.
  • For the second year in a row, Walmart will close its U.S. stores on Thanksgiving Day in what it says is an effort to reward employees for their hard work during the pandemic.  
  • Food sampling has returned to Walmart and Sam’s Club stores after being canceled during the pandemic. 
  • President Joe Biden has proposed a $6 trillion budget, which would substantially increase federal spending and swell the national debt. Proponents say the new spending would entail an investment in the nation’s infrastructure and social safety net that could improve productivity in the long run.

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