Hiring Outside of the Big City

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Entrepreneurs often choose recognized hubs of activity in their industry for their startups. This isn’t only for the cachet of the location, but because it’s much easier to meet hiring needs where the talent already lives. However, there are many reasons to start and run a company in a less well-known area, from costs to family commitments. How can business owners hire top talent outside of startup hubs? It may seem difficult, but here are some tips:

Determine the Budget

Companies can obtain top talent more easily if they have the means to offer them high salaries. If a position is necessarily very specialized and local candidates do not exist, a job search in an out-of-the-way area may take place largely on free job posting sites, looking for candidates who live elsewhere and are willing to relocate. Selling the experience of living in a laid-back area will be a recruiter’s main challenge in this situation. If the schools in the area are outstanding, or it is recognized as a good place to raise a family, this may help attract candidates. Other points to play up may include the more relaxed pace of country life and the beautiful scenery. Recruiters should get creative when attempting to sell candidates on the benefits of rural living.

Hiring in rural America comes with its own challenges.
Hiring in rural America comes with its own challenges.


Decide What’s Really Important

It may be necessary to hire locally if a relocation bonus or a high salary isn’t possible to provide. While it is still worthwhile to post jobs online in this situation, it’s also important to take the possibility of local recruiting seriously. In some fields, it may be next to impossible to source local talent with the exact combination of skills and experience the company desires in a small area. However, it may be simple to find candidates if some standards are relaxed. For example, an excellent customer service representative may not need to have had years of experience in the field. Instead, someone who has successfully worked in any customer-facing position may do, particularly if he or she has been recognized for being particularly good at the job.

Concentrate on the Team

As in any workplace project, hiring in rural America has to involve paying plenty of attention to team composition. Good candidates who can’t work together are not valuable additions to the staff, for example. Business owners should aim to hire people who complement each other as much as possible, in order to create a whole workforce with many skills. This is as possible in rural America as it is elsewhere. New hires who have relocated to a small community may have difficulties fitting in at first in their new towns, but this shouldn’t be the case at their new office.

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