“I Got Hired During COVID-19”

Job Seeker Stories

During this time of change, searching for a new job can seem challenging. With unemployment at an all-time high, millions of job seekers are wondering if companies are actually hiring. 

But job seekers are finding work—in a variety of industries—all across the U.S.

We hear hiring success stories every day, but these are different. We were so inspired—not only by their perseverance—but by their gratitude, desire to help others, and message of hope to anyone looking for work. 

Here are their stories.

I was recently laid off due to economic changes, and it devastated and humbled me in so many ways. My hiring manager with CVS pharmacy recognized that I’m still an excellent pharmacist, and hired me after the most authentic interview I’ve experienced in my career so far. This restored my confidence as a professional and taught me to NEVER GIVE UP.
Andrea S. Hired at CVS Pharmacy

During this pandemic I found myself out of a job. I needed to find something that would help me as well as others through these trying times. I started applying for delivery jobs, and Cargo Movers called me back! Not only will this job help people get things they need due to not being able to go to stores, but it also will help me. I’m currently in school for logistics management, that’s right in the field I’m going for!
Catrina D., Hired at Cargo Movers


I was already out of work for a month when I received my job offer and couldn’t have come at a better time!! Just as the Covid-19 virus was spreading worldwide I started working for the grocery giant. Little did I know how invaluable and needed my position was and is in the scope of things to come. Being a grocery stocker has brought on new meaning to our lives.
Jason G., Hired at Walmart

I am a bartender in Denver, CO. I was laid off due to Covid-19 on March 19th. I immediately started utilizing all my resources. I applied for unemployment and bartender relief funds. I also applied for jobs. I knew I needed to continue providing for my family. I have been bartending for years and when an opportunity presented itself to apply at a liquor store, I jumped on it. I was so fortunate to be welcomed onto a team that considers themselves family. My apologies for being redundant, but in this time of a worldwide trauma…wow, I am overwhelmed with the opportunity to be considered essential and be able to provide income for my team at home. I will have so much knowledge to bring back to my bar when socializing becomes acceptable again. This job feels like an addition to my life and not a temporary solution. I plan to keep this team as a part of my family when my bar opens its doors again. I feel like I lucked out. Thanks for reading!
Shannon L., Hired at Colorado Liquor Company

Getting this job means a better future, with endless possibilities. It is more responsibility and a chance to grow. When I lost my job before the outbreak of COVID 19 I never in a million years thought it would be so simple finding a new job. I am grateful and blessed.
-Harry S., Hired at JP Morgan Chase

I retired in 2019 and soon realized I wasn’t ready! I missed that sense of accomplishment and making a difference. Then COVID 19 hit. I felt trapped and even more unproductive. I applied for a tutoring position on ZipRecruiter so I could share my talents in a time when schools might need it. ZipRecruiter gave me assurance that life was still going on around me and that learning was still taking place!! I received tons of opportunities and every notice they sent, gave me a second of hope for all.
Jane C., Hired at West Allis West Milwaukee School District

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