The Birth of ZipRecruiter

Working serially for startups over the past 15 years, we’ve done a lot of hiring. How much you ask? We estimate we’ve had a hand in filling more than a couple hundred positions from entry level to executive.

The standard process to fill those roles  looks something like this:

  1. Post job ad
  2. Receive a pile of resumes
  3. Weed out the 95% that obviously don’t fit the role requirements
  4. Phone screen the 5% that look the same on paper
  5. Bring in the top 3 candidates for  interviews
  6. Hope one of them has the goods so we don’t need to keep searching

As the economy has slumped we’ve noticed that the “pile of resumes” we normally receive when posting a job  has become a “deluge of resumes” making the initial screening process an increasingly onerous task.

And then we asked ourselves why do we need steps 2-4 anyway?  If during our phone screen we can identify a strong vs weak candidate in 7 questions or less, why didn’t we just ask every applicant those questions? Why bother reading a resume if the candidate can’t pass a test of basic domain knowledge?

Being industrious startup types, we decided to put together a tool that would allow you to easily create those online interviews and include the link anywhere you posted your job ad. Our Beta launches in November. If you’re interested in participating please send an email to!

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