Get Paid to Work Remote From These U.S. Locations

Remote work has grown dramatically since the pandemic and become more widely accepted, opening up opportunities for both employers and job seekers. A recent ZipRecruiter survey found that 55% of active job seekers would prefer remote work right now, with about 45% preferring to keep that option once the pandemic is over.*

Employers have realized that there is a larger pool of talent to hire from—be it in another city, or even state—while job seekers can apply to more opportunities and have greater flexibility in where they can live.

Many locales have taken notice and are offering incentives to remote workers who can help revitalize towns, bring in skilled workers, support economic development, and more. Here are just some of the incentives that are open to remote workers. Please visit each program’s website for details.

West Virginia

Program: Ascend WV

Incentive: $12,000, outdoor gear rentals, use of a co-working space

Overview: Over the course of this two-year program, the first $10,000 will be paid out in installments during participants’ first year. An additional $2,000 will be paid after the completion of the second year. Participants also receive free access to outdoor activities like whitewater rafting and downhill skiing, and gear rentals for themselves, family, and friends. Ascend WV also provides a free coworking space, orientation, program events, and access to local business contacts.

Requirements: Work remote (or have the ability to) or are currently self-employed outside of West Virginia; currently live outside of West Virginia full-time; provide evidence of employment and income; relocate within six months of program acceptance; 18+ years old; U.S. citizen or green card holder.

Northwest Arkansas

Program: Life Works Here

Incentive: $10,000 and a free bicycle or membership to a local arts or cultural institution

Overview: 25% of the incentive will be paid upon signing a lease/purchasing a home. Upon arrival, participants will then receive $500 per month for 12 months and a final payment of $1,500.  

Requirements: Currently live outside Arkansas; currently hold a full-time job or self-employed; 2+ years of work experience; relocate within six months of acceptance; 24+ years old; eligible to work in the U.S.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Program: Tulsa Remote

Incentive: $10,000

Overview: After 375 people benefited from the program in 2020, Tulsa is looking to include even more participants this year. In addition to the cash, which is paid out over the course of a year (or upfront if purchasing a home in Tulsa), Tulsa Remote offers coworking space rentals, home rental deals, and community events for members of the program.

Requirements: Currently have a full-time remote job or are self-employed outside of Oklahoma; relocate within 12 months of acceptance; 18+ years old; eligible to work in the U.S.

Topeka, Kansas

Program: Choose Topeka

Incentive: Up to $15,000 relocation 

Overview: The incentive will go towards relocation costs and is open to both participants who can work remote from Topeka, as well as those who secure a local job and work on-site. Visit the site for details on payout amounts and schedule.

Requirements: To work remote: Must have an employer located outside Shawnee County; relocate to Topeka for a full-time position; purchase or rent a primary home in Shawnee County within a year of hire/move; one relocation incentive per household; minimum 3 months waiting period; eligible to work in the U.S.;
To work on-site
: Must have an employer participating in the program; move to Topeka for a full-time position; purchase or rent a primary home in Shawnee County within a year of hire/move; eligible to work in the U.S. 

Tucson, Arizona

Program: Remote Tuscon

Incentive: Up to $7,600 in cash, goods, and services

Overview: Application will be opening soon for the Fall 2021 cohort. Program participants will receive money and benefits towards relocation, coworking spaces, career support, free internet, housing support, and local attractions.

Requirements: Currently live outside of Tuscon; relocate within six months of acceptance; full-time remote employment outside of Tuscon and Pima County; income of $65k+; 18+ years old; eligible to work in the U.S.

Shoals, Alabama

Program: Remote Shoals

Incentive: $10,000

Overview: Remote Shoals provides 25% of the incentive upfront, another 25% after six months, and the remaining 50% after a year. In addition to the cash incentives, the Shoals promotes a low cost of living, welcoming community, and creative culture focused on music and the arts.

Requirements: Full-time remote employment or self-employed outside Colbert and Lauderdale Counties; relocate within six months of acceptance; earn $52k+ per year; 18+ years old; eligible to work in the U.S.

Kansas Rural Opportunity Zones (ROZ)

Program: Kansas Rural Opportunity Zones

Incentive: $15,000 student loan repayment assistance and/or 100% state income tax credit

Overview: Over 95 counties across Kansas are looking to attract workers by offering a mix of student loan repayments and tax credits for all new full-time residents (no remote job needed!). Student loan repayment assistance is paid out over five years.

Requirements: A newly established permanent address in a participating county after the county began participating in the program; complete associate’s, bachelor’s or post-graduate degree prior to moving; active student loan balance; transcripts with degree dates and student loan balance with distribution dates; proof of domicile in the ROZ County and proof of previous permanent residency.

Savannah, Georgia

Program: Savannah Technology Workforce Incentive

Incentive: $2,000 moving expenses reimbursement

Overview: The incentive is focused on growing and attracting creative technology jobs and investment to Chatham County. Participants can be self-employed, remote workers of technology firms located elsewhere, or relocating to take a position with a technology company in the region.

Requirements: Currently live outside of Chatham County; self-employed, remote worker of a technology firm located outside the county, or relocating to work with a technology company in the region; 3+ years of experience; relocate with a 1+ year lease or purchase property; reside in the county for 30 days before applying.


Program: Movers and Shakas

Incentive: Round-trip ticket to Hawaii

Overview: While there is no cash incentive, the program will pay your airfare to Hawaii and support your work there. The program is focused on bringing together purpose-driven remote workers, and Hawaiians who have moved away, to actively contribute to the state. The program focuses on three pillars: people, economy, and promoting Hawaii’s values. It includes a cultural orientation and volunteer programs. Applications are open in rounds, with the round for the most recent cohort closing in mid-July. 

Requirements: Remain full-time employed; stay on Oahu for the entire first month of the program; 18+ years old; eligible to work in the U.S.

*Findings are based on a survey of 2,017 U.S. job seekers who logged into ZipRecruiter job seeker accounts between June 8, 2021 and June 13, 2021.

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