How To Fill An Undesirable Job Opening

Help Wanted Job AdNot every job is a glamorous job, and this can present a challenge for companies that have to fill dirty or otherwise undesirable jobs. The trick to filling these jobs is to create a job description that focuses on the positive aspects of the job, as well as the job’s potential.

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Highlight The Pay & Benefits Package

Many people are willing to make sacrifices in exchange for financial security. Therefore, if you offer above-average compensation, highlight it. Even if the pay doesn’t seem exceptional to you, it might be higher than the norm based on education or experience required. For instance, the 2011 average hourly wage for an entry-level candidate with a high school degree was $11.68 for men and $9.92 for women. If you’re offering more than this for someone with the same education level, then highlight it in your job posting.

Next, include the high points of your benefits package. Do you offer retirement matching, healthcare, dental reimbursement  generous vacation time, or other enticing perks? Put them in the job ad. These things alone will be enough to get some desirable applicants to at least consider your job opening.

Offer The Chance For Advancement

In the job description, clearly state whether there is opportunity for advancement within the company. If there is, then you can optionally state how long advancement typically takes and/or give sample career advancement paths. For example, state that many former employees in that position have gone on to X position within Y years. By framing your job opening as a stepping stone, you are showing perspective candidates why it’s a smart choice in the long-term.

If there is little chance for advancement, do not say that there is. Instead, you should outline what the job seeker will learn in the position. Because every job is a learning opportunity, make the job seeker aware of what he will learn about in terms of specific skills and in terms the industry.

It’s A Bad Economy

The economy is not very strong right now. As a result, simply posting a job is likely get you applicants for nearly an open position. Keep in mind that the definition of an undesirable job varies from person to person. You may be surprised at the number of people who are enthusiastic about a job that you thought wouldn’t be filled quickly, if at all. Still, if you have a bad feeling about filling a job, these tips and hints should help.

What is your advice for filling a less-than-desirable job opening?

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