4 Easy Ways To Make Money While You’re Unemployed

There’s no doubt that you put a ton of time and hard work into your job hunt. So much, in fact, that your search can quickly start to feel like a full-time job in and of itself. The major downside? Well, you don’t get paid to search for a new gig. And, if you’re currently unemployed, that can cause some definite problems and stress. After all, you need to have a way to pay those pesky bills.

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Luckily, immediately finding a new job isn’t your only option for bringing home a paycheck. There are several different, quick, and easy ways that you can bring in some extra income while you’re searching for that dream position. Curious? Here are four things you can try!

1. Participate in the Sharing Economy

What is the sharing economy? It’s a bit of a marketing buzzword, but the concept is actually quite simple. It refers to a model in which regular people share goods and services through online platforms.

In today’s digital society, there are tons of different opportunities you can take advantage of. Offer rides to passengers and pick up some spare change using apps like Uber or Lyft. Or, if you’re comfortable, list one of your rooms for rent on Craigslist or offer up your whole house using Airbnb.

If you’re in a more creative industry, you can also list your skills and expertise on Fiverr—which allows you to pick up small gigs and projects that pay $5 per piece. It doesn’t sound like much, but it can really add up! Plus, it’s a great way to refine your skills and add to your portfolio if you need it.

2. Sell Your Stuff

It’s human nature to hang onto things you aren’t currently using—whether it’s a pile of sweaters in your closet, a spare t.v., or a bike you never actually ride. If you think of it like leaving large stacks of money just sitting around your home, it seems ridiculous, doesn’t it?

But, that’s essentially what you’re doing. Those unused items that are just taking up space could actually help to bring in some much needed money! So list them for sale on the internet or host a garage sale to not only eliminate some clutter, but also fill up your wallet.

If you’re willing, selling your plasma can also be a quick way to make some extra cash. Sure, it’s not quite as painless as putting a price tag on that old, dusty bike. But, it can be well worth it! Search for a donation center near you, set aside some time for an appointment, and walk out with a few crisp bills—and the knowledge that you’re helping someone who needs it!

3. Pick Up Odd Jobs

When it comes to making some extra money, you don’t always need to think big. In fact, picking up a few random projects and odd jobs can result in some serious cash in your pockets.

What sorts of odd jobs can you look for? Well, the options are virtually limitless. Offer to walk dogs for the people in your neighborhood. Mow lawns or weed gardens. Clean people’s homes. If you’re handy, take care of a few repairs for people who need them.

People need help with things all the time—but might not necessarily want to book an expert or professional. So, making yourself available to address those issues can mean some much-needed extra cash for you!

4. Participate in Research Studies

If you’re anything like me, the idea of participating in clinical trials and research studies sounds terrifying—like something will surely go wrong. However, many of them are safe, and will actually earn you a decent chunk of money.

Visit a site like FG Global to search for focus groups, clinical trials, research panels, surveys, and other paid opportunities that are seeking participants. The payment amount can vary greatly, but it can still be an effective way to rake in some extra dough if you need it!

When you’re unemployed and hunting for a new job, it’s understandable that you want to channel all of your time, energy, and attention into finding that perfect new position. Unfortunately, that doesn’t pay your bills. You still need to identify some ways to bring in some cash when you need it.

Finding a part-time job is always an option, if you can swing it. But, if you’d rather try something else, these different tasks and ideas are sure to provide some inspiration for ways you can find some extra pennies to get you through your job search!

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