Face It – Your Job is Just Like Game of Thrones

Imagine a dog-eat-dog world where a group of ambitious people try to fight, scheme, and backstab their way to getting a promotion, no matter what it costs.

Sounds familiar right? Because while your workplace probably doesn’t have dragons or a problem with White Walkers, it has more in common with the Westeros than you realize.

Here are 8 ways your job is just like Game of Thrones, because Winter (and your annual performance review) is Coming:

(Warning: spoilers ahead!)

1. Co-workers shut you down in meetings


2. You have the boss from hell


3. Elevator rides with coworkers can get…awkward


4. The office gossip is always trying to get you to talk about your date last night


5. Work “friends” who turn out to be the absolute worst


6. That one really popular co-worker that everybody likes but who annoys the crap of you

7. Happy hour diehards who take partying way too seriously


And worst of all….

8. Super uncomfortable office furniture 


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