5 Exceptional Companies to Work For

2013- Five Companies You Want to Work ForWant to work for a great company? Don’t have an MBA or a computer engineering degree? No problem! Below you will find five companies that have been voted as great places to work by their employees and do not require highly technical or advanced degrees.

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The companies were selected from the Glassdoor 2013 ranking of best companies to work for. Glassdoor conducts anonymous employee surveys and then bases their annual rankings on the responses. Because growth and opportunity go hand in hand, we will also look at growth prospects for these top companies.

In-n-Out Burger

The West-Coast-based hamburger chain earned a 9th place spot on the list with a score of 4.2/5.0. Employees mentioned that company pride and culture help make a great work environment. Service awards and good starting pay demonstrate the company’s appreciation of its employees. The company is privately owned, so public growth forecasts are not available, but the In-n-Out website names four new restaurants that are opening soon.


With a score of 4.0/5.0, REI is 21st on the list. Great managers, supervisors, and communication were appreciated by the employees of this Washington-based sporting goods company. REI is also privately held, but the company opens four to six new stores each year so growth is apparent. There are currently five newly-opened or soon-to-be-opened stores named on the REI website.

Trader Joe’s

Also a 4.0/5.0, Trader Joe’s is 24th on the list. The employees value the unlimited opportunities for advancement. Great benefits, service awards, and recognition are appreciated by the employees. Also privately held, the company lists 12 new locations on its website.


With a 3.8 rating, Ikea is 43rd on the list. The employees like management’s open door policy at this European company with 37 US locations. Privately held with no public growth figures available, the company has named the United States as one of its fastest-growing markets.


Also with a 3.8 rating, Costco, the US warehouse retailer, is ranked 46th. Employees find that this is a great company for working your way up the ladder. In its most-recent earnings press release, the company announced a nine percent sales growth.

There are happy employees and great opportunities at these companies that topped the 2013 Glassdoor ranking. No special degrees are required, just ambition and hard work.

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