The Best Cities for Internship Opportunities

Those seeking internships might be surprised to find that the best opportunities aren’t in major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York City. While these cities have a large concentration of businesses and capital, they also have quite a bit of competition to contend with.

Instead of having your resume drown in a hiring manager’s overflowing inbox, consider these top 10 cities with the highest Opportunity Index.

The Opportunity Index is designed to take into account several variables and measures the odds of likely an applicant will be successful in landing a job opportunity. If the rating for a city is higher than 1, then there are more job opportunities than applicants—so it is more likely that a candidate will secure a job or internship.

1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Opportunity Index: 1.79)

At the top of our list  is Sioux Falls, SD. With an Opportunity Indexof 1.79, there are almost twice as many job openings than applicants in this city! Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota and is experiencing rapid growth. It is currently ranked 47th fastest growing city in the United States and has experienced a 22% increase in population since 2010. There are so many internships available in Sioux Falls that employers are hiring interns for every season and are seeking applicants for 2018. Here are a few internship opportunities that are hiring right now:

2. Sioux City, Iowa (Opportunity Index: 1.48)

Sioux City, Iowa, has been placed on the top 15 Best Small Places for Businesses and Careers (Forbes) and ranks second place on’s “Most Livable Bargain Market” list. While this city may be small, it has a large pool of job opportunities and internships available:

3. Provo-Orem, Utah (Opportunity Index: 1.25)

Provo-Orem is the third largest city in Utah and is home to Brigham Young University. This city was ranked  2nd highest for “Best Small And Medium-Size Cities For Jobs” by Forbes Magazine in 2013 and the state of Utah suspects that the city will continue to experience rapid growth. Here are a few internship opportunities that are currently available:

4. Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Opportunity Index: 1.20)

Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa with a fast growing economy and a demand for employees. It is considered Iowa’s economic hub and is home to several famous figures and athletes. Here are some internship opportunities available right now:

5. Bend, Oregon (Opportunity Index: 1.00)

Despite Bend’s small population size, this city offers great job and internship opportunities, metropolitan living, and an endless list of outdoor activities. Like most cities in Oregon, Bend is great for those who enjoy greenery and the great outdoors. Here are a few current internship opportunities this city has to offer.

6. North Mankato, Minnesota (Opportunity Index:  0.73)

Mankato is the 22nd largest city in Minnesota and is ranked 2nd best college city. With a population of about 53,000 and an index score of 0.73, the odds of landing an internship are relatively high and the cost of living is more than affordable. Click here to view internship opportunities available in Mankato.

7. Pueblo, Colorado (Opportunity Index: 0.69)

Pueblo has the least expensive residential real estate of all major cities in Colorado and, according to the Cost of Living Index, is the sixth most affordable place to live in the United States. Here are a few internship opportunities currently available in Pueblo:

8. Madera, California (Opportunity Index: 0.61)

Madera is located within California’s Valley, within Metropolitan Fresno. Known for it’s breath taking views and wineries, this small Californian city has a surprising amount of internship opportunities available.

9. Altoona, Pennsylvania (Opportunity Index:  0.60)

Altoona was initially developed around the railroad industry, but has experienced growth since the its industrial decline. Ranked 11th most populated city in Pennsylvania, Altoona’s economic growth has created several internship opportunities that are worth taking a look at.

10. Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin (Opportunity Index: 0.58)

French for “Bottom of the Lake”, Fond Du Lac is anything but the bottom of the internship job market. Located near the Beaver Dam, this city offers breathtaking views, affordability, and is flourishing internship opportunities.

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