How To Attract Top Talent With A Well-Written Job Description

How To Attract Top Talent With A Well-Written Job Description

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The task of writing a job description to post online can initially seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as some make it out to be.

Before you sit down to write, you should seek out other people’s input. Ask how they view the nature of the position, what has worked in the past or needs to be added this time around. If there is someone in the same or similar position at the company, speak with them as well.

Next, go over past descriptions for the position. If there’s relevant content, you should use it. There’s no need to struggle if someone has already done a bit of work for you.

When you begin to write, remember the basic elements of a successful job posting. The description should include the employees key areas of responsibility, who the employee will work for and with and the duration of the position. Applicants should understand what qualifications they need to bring to the table, what will be expected of them on a daily basis and the management structure of the business.

Don’t be vague – the more precise your description of the actual duties of the position, the better tailored the job applicants will be.

To attract top talent, go a step further and add to your description how an employee can succeed and advance in the business. A worthwhile candidate is looking for a place to grow – not a placeholder job for a year. Describe the results the company is looking for from this role and how the employee’s success will be measured. The candidate should be able to read the job posting and understand not only what is expected of them on a daily basis but what the company needs in the long-run.

Once you’ve drafted a description, ask yourself if the qualifications you’re seeking are realistic. If you feel it may be too much split the requirements between necessities and bonuses. If you want to weed out candidates that cannot meet your necessary qualifications, be clear in your posting that a particular trait is a deal-breaker.

Also review the description to determine if the tasks outlined are more than one person can accomplish. If so, prioritize the tasks so that you give yourself realistic expectations for the new employee’s performance.

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