6 Ways to Win Hiring in 2014

6 Big Recruiting Trends in 2014

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The new year is going to bring new hires to many businesses. Smart business owners are going to want to be sure they’re bringing in top talent, and that requires planning. For your inspiration, here are some emerging recruiting trends that can help you post a job that will bring star candidates through your door all year:

1. Market, Don’t Recruit

It’s already pretty common to hear talk about an “employer brand,” but 2014 might be the year you need to start taking this talk very seriously, according to Tech Cocktail. What will get you talent is not individual efforts made by recruiters, but an enduring presence that paints you as a great place to work. This involves skills from the marketing side of business, so don’t be shy about having in-house marketing pros collaborate on the strategy here. It’s important that candidates understand what your company is like and why they should want to work there long before they begin to look for a new job or get that call from a recruiter. A positive impression made in advance can speed the hiring process along.

2. Brush Up On Your Tech Hiring Skills

Founders and hiring managers who aren’t skilled in the technological realm are going to need to hit a few basic resources in 2014 so they’ll know what candidates are talking about in interviews. Research shows there’s about to be a boom in tech hiring, and for many companies this means a slightly different hiring strategy than usual. Interviews of tech hires often require someone with specific knowledge in the field to sit in, for example, which takes more planning to align everyone’s schedules. This is especially true for small firms and startups whose founders aren’t tech-savvy. There are workarounds you can use to get tech talent even if you have trouble with your email, but start planning them in advance.

3. Watch Your Content

Engaging content is nothing new for human resources pros. It’s necessary to build a successful online presence, and it helps pull in customers. In 2014, you’re also going to want to up your content game for recruitment materials. From free job boards to YouTube to your own website, there are plenty of places to post content that could entice top performers to come work for you. As with all content strategies, diversity of form is best. Written content will hold the attention of some, while video is what it takes to get others interested. According to Forbes, recruitment videos – in which a company’s products, services, culture and opportunities take center stage – are going to be a big hit in 2014.

4. Know Your Competition

If you’re hiring for an in-demand position, or you need a candidate with skills everyone else needs too, you may have to refine your strategy. It’s important to do research and understand which skills and people tend to be in demand so you know how to recruit them. Talented IT professionals inspire fierce competition among potential employers, for example. The skills a lot of employers want their IT staff to have include network administration and desktop support, according to Robert Half Technology. If you’re looking for someone who shines in these areas, it may be time to bring out the big guns when you’re recruiting.

5. Know You Can Train, and Advertise It

If you can’t find the perfect employee no matter how many times you comb through a resume database, don’t sweat it. Forbes – which is calling 2014 “The Year of the Employee” – is pretty sure next year is going to bring a lot of refinement in worker training.

“Companies will find skills short and they will have to build a supply chain for talent,” according to the publication. “Partner with universities, establish apprentice programs, create developmental assignments, and focus on continuous learning.”

It’s also important for candidates to know training is available, whether for a specific skill or with the goal of internal mobility. Adding this fact to your recruitment content can help you find the ambitious candidates who want to learn and move up in the organization from day one.

6. Consider Big Data

If you’re in talent acquisition and recruiting is moving at a fast pace, it might not be at the top of your to-do list to find a way to gather and leverage employee data. The cost and the time investment may also be intimidating. However, it can be extremely valuable, and more companies will be using big data in 2014. There are benefits enough that widespread adoption of a data-driven approach to hiring seems almost inevitable. For example, according to Forbes, eyeglass company Luxottica Group collected and analyzed data about their hiring process and ended up decreasing the time it takes to fill a position from 96 to 46 days.

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